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A few more weeks

Although at a high social-economic cost; India, by far, may have managed to curb the community spread of Covid-19(the statistics and some ratios say so). In my opinion, what comes ahead of us is tremendously dependent on our behaviours post the lockdown. We may have to oust the uncontrolled excitement that we demonstrated a couple of times in the past, and I believe it will be entirely on us to either pick an abundance of a short-run or solace that endures forever. Probably a few more weeks of self-propelled discipline and a sense of support and empathy towards everyone in need--
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A paradox(Interesting quote)

"Let go of certainty. The opposite isn't uncertainty. It's openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose upsides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow." - Tony Schwartz
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Mom and pop stores

I was reading somewhere on twitter, and the post had a positive mention on the mom and pop stores or the local grocery shops. While all of us in bigger cities are exceedingly dependent on the likes of Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato, the real antidote to lockdown stress has been the support of local grocery stores. Despite the odds they had to deal on procurement and city bureaucracy, they have been able to extend an excellent service, including making available the essential stuff at the doorsteps. It has been a commendable service to the people in absolute discomfort and to be able to connect and walk through the extreme interiors. Kudos !!!--
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The analogy

The HRQ in my wife doesn't shy from giving an analogy while watching Ramayan:
There's Bhrama- the person who does the job description, budgeting, recruitment, and on-boarding
There's Vishnu - who designs the role, deploys the operating procedures, develops the team, maps the career , rates the performance , and continues to focus on org improvement and development 
And then there is Mahesh- who calls the shots on retention/downsizing optimising or issuing the pink slips 
😊🙏 --
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The WFH regime

So when we read articles like this, we realise that it is injudicious to poke fun at this "work from home" regime. On one side, it is taxing, demanding and extremely exhausting for the people working out of home, and on the other part; it wrecks the dependent businesses. The irony is to know that the companies have an uphill task to deal with and that they are also probably the last resort for our problems in the offing. When a situation like this emerge, our natural (and understandable) retort is to count on our commitment that we all may have demonstrated for work in the recent past and sometimes at the cost and time of our families. Being someone working in the private co environment, I can relate to this article and the state of the people dealing with uncertainties, and I also feel that it is high time that the employers do not find their recourse in traditional polluted mindsets(payouts, headcount reduction et al.) and come up with solutions that empathise with the dev…

At the expense of sounding negative

Continuing from the previous post, clearly, the world is going to change forever. We may want to believe that nature has taken the course and acted against the age-long human barbarity. But the truth of the matter is, a few weeks or a couple of months of lockdown may not be necessarily course correct the damage that we have done for several decades. What this pandemic will inevitably result in is stress on the economy, normalcy or the way we operate. All this is inescapable in the short run, and there will undoubtedly be a restoration in the medium term, say a couple of years. While it is easy to laugh it off with fun banters and memes, the next few quarters are essential for all of us to stay relevant in the new normal we are getting in. But then, for me, the optimism is that the Almighty will bless us and continue to guide us perpetually

There is no normal to go back to

So, this big-boss style familiarity continues at the house, the boss narrates a desired (not mandatory) task, and the nation follows. Some of us linked this to a spiritual correlation and many others completed this in anticipation of a more considerable benefit as we redefine solidarity and unity in these difficult times. While this clarion call by the boss had a very defined scope, once again, we overdid this with crackers, noise and exuberance that we weren't expected to. I wish we could understand that the festivities are a far cry from where we are today, and there is no normal where we are returning to. For the good, bad or ugly, Covid-19 is changing the world forever.🙏--
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