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We attach too much likelihood to spectacular, flashy or loud outcomes. Anything silent or invisible we downgrade in our minds. Our brains imagine show-stopping outcomes more readily than mundane ones. We think dramatically, not quantitatively.
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"if you think you know all that somebody knows, you shall least know all that somebody knows. 
If you think you least know all that somebody knows, you shall really know all that somebody knows." 
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


"People who enrol themselves in the schools of pride, eventually graduate with and the high degree of fall. Failure employs "pride" scholars. Get rusticated now!" 

― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Women's reservation

Honestly speaking, I do not understand the idea of women specific reservation in government jobs which one of the leading national party intends to create. If it is a question of equality, and equal opportunities to the two genders, then it is not the start you want to look at. Don't think it solves any purpose but for deep sizing the gap this society already has.

Women's day

Not a firm believer of having an orchestrated day to celebrate and share the influence women have on our lives. Life doesn't change till we all pledge to offer a better world for the balance 364/65 days of the year and to treat you equal, strong and respectable. Happy Women's day today and forever!

One of the great messages i saw recently

I woke up today , having dreamt early morning at 4 AM . I was in the biggest DLF Mall of  India looking to buy a pair of socks and a neck tie .
As I walked in, I noticed a sweater with a price tag of RS 9000 .Next to the sweater were a pair of Jeans for Rs.10000 .The socks were Rs.8000 ! And Tie for astonishing 16,000 /- I went looking for a salesperson and found one in the watch Dept  He was showing a man a Rs. 225/- Rolex watch . I looked in the glass case and there was a 4 carat diamond ring also on sales for Rs.95/- Shocked I asked the salesperson "How could a Rolex watch sell for Rs.225/- ? ,and a cheap pair of socks sell for Rs. 8000/-"? He said "Someone slid into the store last night and changed the price tag on everything ". "Everyone is confused , people are acting like they have lost their sense of value". "They are willing to pay lots of money for things of little value ,and very little money for things of great value " "Its like they …

As a citizen

As a citizen I still feel that our voices are important, sometimes we appreciate the government, a lot many times we criticise them. But I still wonder as what goes into congress's mind when they think of doing so? They screwed everything in their tenure (at least UPA 2), went down to two digits and now get the voice to ask for this governments report card 😂