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Where is the real toxic mindset ?

I am not from Bihar, and neither I have any roots that are connected to the place. But Madam seems to have misjudged entirely a state which is too essential for the nation. She seems to have completely stereotyped Bihar; it's people and also the ideologies it follows. While I choose to disagree with what she mentioned or generalised, even if it's true, it's untrue for a single place or all the people in general. Probably a lot of her personal experience has got into writing this ***, and she knows that it's a good dope for the consumption of the people who like the fancied north-south cultural divide. She probably also need to know that her cow belt, in reality, gives the most number of civil servants this nation commissions each year and at the same time, it also gives the largest population of skilled labour who run the economy on the ground and not in the air-conditioned chambers
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All they want is a pleasant experience for us

My experiences with this gloomy world continue. I may sound repetitive and annoying, but there's a reality check for all of us who think that the world is fine as long as the Covid-19 doesn't hit us and our paychecks continue to flow into the banks. 
The store in the picture is amongst the busiest in the area, always remains full and explodes with the people on the Saturdays. A typical brand in a store, let's say a Van Heusen makes about ₹200,000 to ₹220,000 of sales on the weekend. As of today, the store does about ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 of revenues of the same brand, and the footfalls are not even 5 per cent of what they otherwise used to witness. Ironically, a store of this size would have 8-10 salesman with an average basic salary of ₹10,000 to ₹12,000 a month and the balance they earn (~₹5,000-₹7,500) is all linked to the sales of the brand. For them, purchases from the store cover-up for the livelihood, savings and the investments and there are no concept of "work fr…

May Good Sense Prevail!

In the world full of rumble, we all get fancied by the noise that surrounds someone's life, death and tragedy. Not that we are always attached or emotionally invested; it just keeps us animated and comforts that the problems aren't unusual for us. I felt deeply upset when the tragic news on Sushant cracked, could relate to him for the journey he had and for the ambition he always exhibited(was in the early 30s like me). But now I am feeling terrible with the kind of clatter that has surrounded this unfortunate incident. The media mostly picked up the larger sentiment and worked hard to create a soap opera which now most of us are watching with popcorns. While I sincerely wish peace for the departed soul, I also extend my sympathies to the 10s of people who have been completely deprived of their privacy and have already been declared as accused by this juvenile media trial. It is so sad to see their timelines and posts being responded with trolls, abuses and stark c…

Not the World he wanted us to live in

I know the perils of writing this post given it could potentially unsettle the beliefs we all have. I am proud of my spiritual connection and also the principles that I have inherited from my family. I do believe in the divine force, but then I am not the one who would trade off the spirituality for religion.  What I do not understand is as to how logical this colossal investment on the temple is and as to how important the song and dance was. I do respect the community sentiments, but at the same time, I do not understand as to why crores would be required to build this place. Lord Rama resides in our hearts, and would not need a place that takes away many things which otherwise could be used for the life he wanted all of us to follow. Why should the same resources not go for the troubles we continue to have as a nation and especially when every day the unknown enemy is testing us and causing destitution for a sizable population. Can't even explain the sadness I have…

The perfect race

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Communicate to understand and to be understood

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So critics have their agenda too

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