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Blog's Day One

Its day one for liveankit , 10:40Pm IST...  Almost 24 hrs before (10:10 pm yesterday) i published my first official post.As expected :-) except me just 4 ppl visited my blog :-):-):-) , but still i m happy as the number is 4 not zero...  I could give a new look to it , thts an acheivement, Blog is more lively with added elements like currency converter, BSE update, Google tools and stuff, a creation of mine...(Kiddin.... just outsourced frm 

Well, i am excited, not because i am live for the first time,it is nt the first time i created a website , i have been a website geek since my 9th class, i started with free servers, developed two websites for school and my instt. ( see and 

Second achievement is tht i have got a blue print abt the use of my blog, i shall be using it optimally for discussing good things like economy and business, ofcourse technology... apart from sharing my personal daily experiences, i'll make it a utility for u ... 

The day today went in the same fashion as the expected response :) , means it ws boring... " Faaltu ki baatein bahut kii" , but worked on one project too..  I am happy as Day started off with an unexpected early good morning from DABWali KING, which i generally dont get in daily routine...

Chalo , happy tht 4 ppl visited it today.. i'll be happy if i see more ppl to read my stuff.... kal atleast 5 to hon :-) 

came across this article: 

have a look , i found it interesting...


Anonymous said…
Ankitt tum to Bagban ke Big B ki tarah itna achha likh sakte ho:)
Mr. Writer:)
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Blogger has been another bussiness related source for me now..:)

all thnx to u

FRM:- M_U_K_U_N..

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