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Management in Chak De Indiaaaa

i know its boring, CHAK DE is in history now..!!! but still i felt like writin... 

When I saw the teaser of CHAK DE , all i could guess was " Bollywood trying to be sporty with SRK as Unique Selling Preposition(USP)", at that time , the only visible USP was SRK, Though I like all his movies, but i also like to criticize him for repetition or monotonous acting.. but for Chak De, i didnt find anyone more suitable for Kabir Khan than SRK...

Lets see hw Chak De Made us learnnnnn.......


Take a look at one statement "Jo ho nahi sakta wohi to krna hai" in the movie. 

As winning world cup for Indian women's hockey was like impossiblee. But Kabir Khan took it as a challenge and conveyed his vision to the team members though he was opposed by many but he was sure about his vision...


It can be observed that neither the players nor the administrator were sure of playing and winning the game but Kabir Khan stimulated that zeal and developed enthusiasm to win not as an individual but as a team.

Great amount of attention has been paid to the players, the diversity in culture, their language and team dynamics. 

As it is very compulsory because first the diversity should be converted in the single identity.

KK tried by saying "say India" "we the Indian" rather than telling the name of state.

Principals involved:

- Esprit - de - corps.

- Developing we feeling.

- Priority to common goal.


In the begigining he used the policy of negative motivation by firing and suspending the players who were not giving the desired behaviour,Later he tried to come close to them to provide positive motivation and tried to develop acceptance for him. 

It is true that a leader could be successful if he/she is accepted by the followers.


In the movie KK was selected as a coach of Indian women's hockey team which was  to play in world cup.  Because it was already declared as an impossibility. 

This he took as an opportunity to answer Indian viewers against the blames which were made on him and with that he tried to prove that under his guidance things were possible.


When KK  took the challenge for world cup, His focus was CUP, nothing more nothing less. 

Dreaming is about imagining a different future. In the case of KK, not only he dreamt big but also put in place a strategy to make that a reality. 

Another name for Dream is Vision. 

To make things happen the way we want, we have to envision the future, and paint a picture in front of the others of what we want to achieve.

Sometime winning is everything.


In the movie Bindiya Naik was the only player who knew the tactic to beat the Man to Man Marking... It was identified and well utilized at the right situation.

The Director of the movie is a Smart person who has applied management of resources to craft this good movie which has a lot to give in terms of learning...


Choies that clarify vision, values, expectation and optimize strength, resources opportunities and challenge. 

In the movie we can observe that KK had an idea of everything said above...


It is the committed endeavour of committed team that brought fruition to the powerful seeds of individual creativity. 

The essence of leadership with his followers lies in the purpose that holds them together.


A leader to be effective has to demonstrate high levels of technical expertise. 

The power drawn from expertise sources makes a leader much more acceptable to his followers..

look at KK , his credibility in context to hockey. 


Apply it anywhere, except our KUK's exams , u need to change ur game plan... Keepin in mind the same thing, in the movie KK had a different plan for different teams, in Strategic Management we say the ETOP and SWOT analysis..

For any sort of activity, the analysis of strengths and weaknesses is important...

So , the consequence is 

CHAK DE INDIA is a management discussion topic in schools like ISB AND IIMs...

Add ur opinions in the comments..



Anonymous said…
very nice sir:)
Coordination is essence of mgt....which must be taken care of .by leader.. nd KK did tht.
yaad hai.....kaise fight kiya un logon ne ek dusre ke liye:)
Ankit Gupta said…

I liked the movie, concept and comment too..

Ankit Gupta said…
yaad hai.....kaise fight kiya un logon ne ek dusre ke liye:)???

what's the meaning of espirit de corps..??

i hope i got the spellings right....???
Ankit Gupta said…
Yes... it is esprit de Corps.. correction done...
Ankit Gupta said…
Esprit de corps is the morale of a group

... a principal of mgt..!!
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
NIce one ispe to achi ppt. ban sakti hai H.B. ji

Thoda Innovative hokke banao acha lagega...
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
H.B. is HUNNY Bunny.... OKAy Mr. A

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