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What Money Cant buy?

I found this topic interesting , so planned to merge it for you: 

I second the writer of  " Money Cant buy" for the following, With no doubts , i agree tht money cant buy:

1. Vision and mission of life

You can surely not buy a well organized vision for your life, Vision is something you aspire to be at some time in future, You cant buy aspirations and dreams, Currency is there to buy materialistic products.

Can you buy the purpose of ur life????????

2. Networking and building nurtured relationships

I can buy a networker, Money can bring ppl more close to me,I can buy things that have a probability of making a strong relation , but  definitely i cant buy people who'll stay with me for long,  for keeping a nurtured relation, I have been to Aditya Birla's MORE yesterday, i asked them for some nurtured relations, Couldnt find any, Will go to some other retail chain soon.. :) 

Building relationship is something that has to be learnt not to be bought from RELIANCE FRESH or WALMART

3. Values

It has always been said, " be a person of VALUES" , If money could impart values, we wouldnt have appraised ppl like MOTHER TERESA , everyone would have been lookin for BILL GATES to seek values.

Values act as a base for GOOD human being, I wish i could buy few for me too :) 

4. Personal development

Everyone aims at self development and this is something which, again, cannot be bought. One has to build personal development as a way of life by organising the day effectively, identify transferable skills and personal competence and improve the overall quality of working.

5. Genius

If  you remember 1996, HYUNDAI came up with one ad that launched A2 segment's best seller SANTRO.

The AD said " GENIUS IS INSIDE" , in the same fashion, INTEL says INTEL INSIDE, so , if the billion dollar companies dont have a doubt abt Genius's inherent character, how can i doubt?????? 

Genius in you is built by keeping a focus and bringing about daily improvements thus striving to build a genius through sustained efforts.

6. Mentor and guide

Mentoring comes in by developing a special relationship which is based on mutual trust and dependence for learning and growing to upgrade your knowledge and skill, u can buy one hour lecture , u can hire a parttime mentor, but u cant look for a sustainable relationship @ cash, not on credit card even :) 

7. Team spirit

This spirit has to be developed with mutual benefits to all and incorporates a deeper understanding, a sense of commitment and compatibility by dissolving ego and individual differences. Rabindranath 

Tagore rightly said: 'There is no such thing as absolute isolation in existence and the only way of attaining truth is through interpenetrating our being into all our objects.'

Watch CHAK DE INDIA for answers...

8. Humility

I can buy humility in the form of values, gentleness , kindness and humble behaviour subject to a different meaning of word "BUY" .
For buying all these things, the monetary concept of buying needs to be replaced.

9. Developing efficiency

I can hire efficient ppl, i can outsource my work, i can increase my man hours by increasing employment, but no BIBLE sayssss that i can buy my efficiency.

Management taught me a lesson : Follow the POLCA mantra: Planning, organising, leading, controlling and taking action. All this cannot be bought with money but it's a discipline in one's life which has to be incorporated in to become efficient and successful.

10. Adaptability and acceptability

Constant reinforcements of our adaptability to differing situations make it a habit and frame an acceptable behaviour towards the society. This is something that comes naturally and money cannot buy.


CHECK OUT SUBHIKSHA's nearest store, jst heard that the above said things are being sold, and at a discount... :)

Jokes apart, it has been said several times, money can buy many things , but it holds a lesser value when it comes to acquire the above said things, PATIENCE,HONESTY,LOYALITY, DECENCY,TRANSPARENCY further add to the list...


Anonymous said…
sab khud likha:o??
sach me?
Ankit Gupta said…
Yes... it is my creation..
Ankit Gupta said…
Thanks for posting so nice comments Samriti.

Good to see them..

Please keep on complaining, COmmenting and suggesting...

Jai Mata Di

Be Blessed...
Anonymous said…
sry for late rply...............

its awesome....
keep on writing....
jags said…
sry for late rply........
its AWESOME....
keep on writing...

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