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Celebrating Tuesday :-)

Tuesday of today, unlike the regular busy days was a free day... , as there was no college... i told u in my last post, our university has a special subject on strikes and dispute management.. For the last many days we have been doing a practical on strikes..

The university was closed due to strike, though it was a sensitive reason this time, some teacher being beaten by some outsiders, on a call by a student, outsourcingggg... I wish these things dont repeat again ,what so ever be the problem, whatever a teacher has done, this kind of reaction must not be given by students...

In our life, we must always learn to differentiate between personal and professional life, a student may have n problems with a teacher, but they are not the personal problems, it is somewhat related to the professional life, a physical assault on anyone means tht it is a personal hit... Life is a blend of several roles, in a day u hve several roles to be performed( lines copied . sorry outsourced)... Ur strength lies in trading off between these roles, an assault on a teacher means tht a student has somewat overlapped his personal role on profession...

Without actually knowing the situation , i shouldnt favour students or teachers, but a physical assault on teacher is something not normallll... chalo , i wish a bright future to teacher and student both..

Talking on statisticsss... long time no discussion... in terms of hits, its going fine, an average 100 hits a day,,, but comments nahi aa raheeeeeee........... waiting to see comments touching a 4 figure too...

My(our) college life has been an interesting part in my(our) life of 20 year and 7 months( sorry days and seconds are to be calculated:-))...

i m planning to share all those things.. but need ur contribution, all characters in my college life, or in my city will hve to contribute in their own wordssss...
I want u guys to contribute more on my blog.. as the post writers.s.s

Wish u huge success

Truly 4 u


M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Sir ji aaj to Strike ke karan nahi Balmiki Jayanti ke karan holiday tha

and i too say this
kuch bhi hai teachers are to be respect be any thing any where
Ankit Gupta said…
Yes sir.... it was due to Bj.. but still strike is on :(

and reason is just too genuineee

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