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Deal Finally Done.........!!!!!!!!!!!!

The issue of Indo-US nuclear deal between India and the United States has elicited varied reactions from different quarters in India as well as abroad. 

The Indo-US nuclear deal from its beginning till now has put various question marks on the stand of US,India and ofcourse Deal..

The following Questions in line would make u aware abt the deal:::  
What Is The Indo-US Nuclear Deal? 
By amending the Section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, the legislation permits the United States to provide a one-time concession to India to remain outside the purview of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) but keep its nuclear weapons.  
After India conducted its very first nuclear test in 1974, the United States slapped a ban that prohibits providing it nuclear fuel and technology. This amendment upturns this 30 year old ban.
India is also required to separate its civilian and military facilities under this amendment, apart from also permitting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect its civilian facilities.
Why Is The Indo-US Nuclear Deal Controversial?

The NPT stipulates that only those nations who give up nuclear weapons are eligible for civilian nuclear help and so the critics are of the opinion that this deal will undermine the NPT.
It is believed that the Indo-US Nuclear Deal will send across a wrong message. It could weaken the US led campaign against Iran’s nuclear program and also result in arms race in South Asia. 
India states that 14 of its 22 nuclear facilities happen to be civilian. The critics underscore that the deal could make bomb making at the remaining eight easier, as civilian nuclear fuel needs will be met by the US.
What Do Supporters Of The Indo-US Nuclear Deal Say?

George W Bush, the President of Us, says that this nuke deal is important as it will enhance relations between the two countries. The deal serves to fortify international security by tightening US ties to ally India.  
India relies on imported oil to meet 70 per cent of its energy requirements. New Delhi says that the deal will help it feed its rapidly burgeoning economy.
In February 2006, France inked a similar deal with India. France says that the deal will help fight climate change and aid non-proliferation efforts.
How Is Pakistan Involved?  

A similar civilian technology deal was sought by Pakistan from the United States but it got rejected last in March. Pakistan is the only other nuclear power which has not joined the NPT and states that it will do so only after India does.  
The expanding nuclear program of Pakistan could sharpen its rivalry with India. 

What is most recent on Deal?

  1. The United States Senate on October 2,2008(Gandhi Jayanti) has approved a legislation on the  Indo-US nuclear deal, 
  2. The Berman Bill H R 7081, named after Howard Berman, a Democrat strongly opposed to the deal on non-proliferation grounds and who converted only a couple of days back, was adopted with 86 voting for and 13 against.
  3. The Senate also rejected the killer amendments introduced by Democratic Senators Byron Dorgan and Jeff Bingaman to ensure that the US nuclear exports to India do not help boost New Delhi's nuclear weapons programme.
  4. With the 100-member Senate approving the Bill, the Indo-US civil nuclear deal is now ready for signing between the two countries. 
  5. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be signing the deal with the Minister for External Affairs , Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.
Taking on Deal:

Finally the deal has been approved, all i know is , that the newspaper will have to think on some other headline than this deal's regular controversial stories, though they have topics like the blasts ,but still a headline called INDO US NUKE DEAL will be unavailable on papers from next monday.

In my opinion, The Deal is a new turn in the relations between India and US, Whether the new turn is a V or ^, it is to be seen in future. Like any deal, it is a mutually benefitting deal, it may give some hope to the corporate world , which has many things on stake.

But i'll throw more light on the final statement by C.Rice:

"I understand that some Senators have questions about the impact of an Indian nuclear test on this initiative. We believe the Indian Government intends to uphold the continuation of the nuclear testing moratorium it affirmed to the United States in 2005 and reiterated to the broader international community as recently as September 5, 2008" 

Said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 

What it means:  a nuclear test by India will result in "most serious consequences", including automatic cut-off of US cooperation as well as a number of other sanctions.


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