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Egotistical Elements around us..!!

At times i get muddled with few questions in mind!! , Why are we human beings mystery in ourselves? , Why are we not the best creation of God? , Why do we peep into the life of other creatures? Why do we tend to forget everything? . Including me(i am a human being too) , i feel we all are enigmatic characters, true mysteries..Thts the reason we get confused when we are asked one simple question , Tell about yourself ?? . Most of us fall short in answering this question...Now even i am a mystery, samajh hi ni aata kya likhun??

Well, coming directly to the Title " Egotistical Elements" , we are a part of them, the world is full of characters who place their self interest over group interest, I dont think they are wrong in doing so, Self Interest is the Priority, if it wouldnt have been a priority , we individuals wouldnt have exist, a group would have got existed, but the rationale for self interest is not doing something good for oneself and harming others or neglecting the interest of others, it not be a zero sum game, gain for one , loss for others... Self Interest should be there, but it should be a harmless interest, Can we be happy if the happiness tht we have got is at the cost of others tears??? 

This is not the end of egotistical character, I have personally felt in my life, looking at my family, we always tend to remember the awful experiences with a person who is going down, and in the same fashion we tend to keep the awesome experiences of a person who is going upppp and upp??? How many of us dont do this ??? u have the answer.. Personally i do so.. :-)
Once i got a great sms narrating the story of goal keeper, who is blamed for the goals he is not able to save and is never acclaimed for defenses... 

We generally keep on criticizin others, make out faults in them?? why dont we introspect?? , why do we get hurt when others say anything to us??? Why dont we recall tht we have given them the same right??  why at one go the "We" factor becomes "I"??? why a single event makes life hell for friends, Brothers and sisters?? Why do they look each others as strangers??
Why do we allow others to mutualize our individual opinions?? 

Once i read one sms, It said ... Whenever u get xtraa happy with someone, recall the evils he did and whenever u get too angry on someone,just recollect the good things he did for u, probably the things which he actually did carry a weight much more than a single mistake he commited..!! 

The Day everyone gives an answer to all above questions himself,irrespective of wht peers say,  i m sure the broken relations, the blocked friendships will get a new turn..

I am sure tht when we make a relation, we make it for long, why do we forget the " long factor" while breaking the relation, either we lie at the time of creation or at the time we break it... 

I felt like writing this because i have seen relations breaking like this , not mine(touchwood), but i hve seen, i love things tht are perfect, i liked the situations when everything was perfect and well organized... 

Enough of these gossips, all they give is a poor character of human beings...( include me plzzz...)

Questions for u..

1. Why we like sunrises and hate sunset?
2. Why are we eager in looking for alternatives , though we know that no human being can step into the place of other human beings?
3. Did u ever recall any situation of good behavior of a person ,while breaking a relation?

Issued in my interest.. :-)
Courtesy Ankit


Anonymous said…
vry right..v ppl r like this only.. and instead of introspecting v like to find faults in others.
Anonymous said…
Did u ever recall any situation of good behavior of a person ,while breaking a relation....NEVER.... bt i do agar aisa sochenge to 'long factor' jarur rahega.
will try to think this way in future:)
Anonymous said…
as human beings we tend to expect more than we give could be the reason for broken relationships(according to me)
Ankit Gupta said…
Yes... ur opinions are right..!!
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Sir ji ye to hai ham nahi sochte kabhi is baare me.. ke usne hamare lie acha kya kya kiya..
i do resp. ur opinion but still

Kai baar asia bhi to hota hai na ke aap chance late ho Long time relation ke lie lekin wo kissi or ke lie Opp. ban jata hai dobara hurt karne ki..

This is wat i have gone through Personnaly.
U know well i Hope toooo

So from the time i call" LIFE IS A BUSINESS"
Reason- If u think of urself,Than U r safe.... Integrating all are safe.

My personal view.
I know its a not acceptable but still now i wanna play safe. so as of make others SAFER.
Take care

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