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India's IT connexion

If India has recorded a growth of 9%, it is the service sector which has contributed a lot... Both in Jobs and wealth...
The Indian IT sector is one of the most basic service sector that has helped India a lot...

Everyone talks about India becoming an IT super power...Will India ever become a IT super power? Is the country on the right direction?

Well a report sayssss.... India is ranked 48th in the world in the IT industry competitiveness index 2008.

India has an overall score of 28.9 on the IT competitive index as per the study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study assesses and compares the IT industry environments of 66 countries to find out the IT sector's competitiveness.

The study revealed that India performed best in business environment and support for IT industry development with a score of 59.3 per cent and 54 per cent. Areas of improvement include IT infrastructure and R & D environment, which are relatively low in the IT industry competitive index.

Rank 1 :US

The US ranks first in the IT industry competitiveness index 2008. The US offers the world's most supportive environment for IT firms, despite the current economic turmoil, the study by the Economist Intelligence Unit states.

Rank 2: Taiwan

While Taiwan is the second best country in terms of IT competitiveness, the UK, Sweden and Denmark with strong and open business environments, well-developed infrastructure and robust legal protection for intellectual property are in the top five list.

Rank 3: The UK

The US, Singapore and UK provide the best environments for human-capital development. The US is a bug attraction for foreign students.

However, the brain drain of IT talent from emerging markets is slowing down as training opportunities increase in many markets. Many IT professionals also return home to countries like India and Vietnam to work in top companies or head start-ups, the EIU study points out.

Rank 4: Sweden

Sweden and Denmark have risen to the 4th and 5th respectively thanks to a more favourable business environment and improvement in IT infrastructure.

The countries in the top ranks owe their technological edge to high-quality networks.

Rank 5: Denmark

Denmark's score has also risen in the human capital category. The study takes into account overall business environment, IT infrastructure, human capital, legal environment, R&D environment, support for IT industry development.


M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Sir ji US 1st to hai but still ye bhi to kaha jata hai na ke Pure world me R&D facilities ke lie most preffered point INDIA hi hai?

Chalo koi nahi 28 se 1st bhi ho jayenge ham jald hi together we can and we will make the diff.. :)

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