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Change is good... :-)

Well, days are getting occupied... may be due to their duration.. generally in India , specially in my village nights are slow.. as soon the sun sets... ppl start settling to their respective places.. Due to a busy college schedule , i get weekends to write properly in blog.. ( again an excuse.. managers to aadat hoti hai excuse ki :-))

Talking abt the change because, i have changed the template for my blog... its new rose kind of look, appealed me ,so thought of using it...  :-) Do add comments on it.. i m not sure whether its lookin good or not....

Change is everywhere... if Hutch can change to vodafone.. US can have an African President... if India can have a series win over Australia, why cant my blog hve a new colour..  :-) :-) :-)

Talkin on the week.. as it is weekend.. The week had a historic Obama win, the win is connected to economics as US is into recession, Obama's policies, procedures and modus operandi is likely to have an impact on the Global crisis.. evn in the address to common ppl , he said the same....

While coming back from the college yesterday, i bought one Business and economy magazine, the cover page says "Why India ranks near bottom in GLobal lists"... I felt astonished... said many things abt the stupid article.. how can the editor say this.... 

As we Indians are :
  1. 2nd in arable land
  2. 2nd in irrigated area
  3. 2nd in wheat production
  4. 2nd in rice production
  5. 5th in rice export
  6. 3rd in fish trade
  7. 1st in tea production
  8. 1st in milk production
  9. 3rd in cotton ...
How can the author say.. this came in my mind for long... but the editor is not tht stupid... he is not a no knowledge man... he has worked hard on statistics and justified it by telling the followin:

India is :
  1. 128th in Human development Index
  2. 115th in Index of economic freedom
  3. 124th in Digital opportunity index
  4. 120th in reform index
  5. 120th in environmental performance index
  6. 76th in democracy index
The largest democracy in world is good at statistics but very poor in some parameters... there is a great set of efforts to be done....

Nation's prosperity is ours... initially we used to say tht bahaad mein jaaye nation.. but now it cant be said... see the job loss ppl face when a nation failssssss....


COmments awaited...

liveankit- in a new fresh look...  


Unknown said…
well the new touch in ur blog is looking really cool and fresh like a new morning....
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Change is realy god sir..
mujhe bhi pehle dekhte hi strike kia than i visited the blog :)

Pehle mujhe laga maine galat link pe click kia but as i saw ur logo i got convinced about ur blog only :)
talking about "BRAND INDIA" yes we are good in lot of phases which should be used to emerge hogher in global prospects :)

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