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Class of Indian Constitution :-)

7th semester is all time favorite for all my classmates.... It has been a great semester as of now.. exams abt to start.... the following few things have really been a trreatttt....

  1. We are into post graduation classes with no extra burden of studies.. the study pressure has become less than 8th class even....
  2. The number of lectures are yet to reach a three figure in total( means if u add all subjects , u'll find it difficult to reach 100)..
  3. We hve already been to one industrial trip.. it was a fun filled trip...
  4. We have a subject called Indian Constitution... tht is everyone's favourite.. :-)
Indian Constitution.. probably a glorious set of 400 + articles , 12 schedules and so many sections for the country.. a set of rules , regulations tht makes our country republic... but for seventh semester.. it is beyond these paper mantras... 

It is a class where everyone is studying everything except the 12 schedules, everyone is just too busy with work...

If i ask myself abt the class of constitution in 2020 ... i'll have these important things in my mind:
  1. Either ppl didnt come, if accidently , they came, the objective was not preamble, it was something else... 
  2. Constitution of India has been taught in many languages.. one by teacher and in othrs by students
  3. The Cult presentations were there... 
  4. Many things repeatted many times
  5. Even the faculty was unaware , why the subject has been added to course.
  6. Fundamental rights... the best discussion.. and right to freedom was the most common right exercised by students.. 
Our preamble...

WE, THE PEOPLE OF IMS, having solemnly resolved to constitute our institute into a 
 and to secure to all its STUDENTS:

JUSTICE, Of  marks, sessionals, and presentations;

LIBERTY of strikes, attendance,discipline and tests;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity in taking holidays and strikes;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the students....

Statutory Warning: Issued in blog's interest.. neither mine nor yourssssssss 

Dont take it for implementation....!!! 


M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Sir ji ye to hame bhi pata lagta hi rahta hai :)
Waise acha hai na Study is not all thing u people are getting Practical in atleast any sub. expct the one that was in our last sem. of HR i hope :)

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