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The Day starts with Sorry:-):(

Sorry everyone.. as usual , i m startin my post with an excuse, i hve been writing less... well, a genuine reason , exams starting.. The schedule is out.. its from 10th till 29th.. everyone of you would be busy too...

Sometimes i feel tht when someone gives an excuse, he doesnt gives in the form of excuse, on his part , he has a genuine reason.. obviously a person cant be genuine for alll... suppose a reason for not writin is genuine for me, but tht doesnt means tht this genuine reason can be generalized for all..

An excuse is an excuse for not being compliant with your commitment, it can never be genuine( barring the unavoidable natural disasters or nature's rules).. It is just a back up we use when we feel tht we are not meeting the obligations.. as I do... Hafte baad aaye.. sorry likha.. solid sa excuse dia aur chalo is baar kaam chal gaya... :-):-D:-):-D

Another milestone approaching, we are touch 3k very soon..!! I wish sensex doesnt comes to that level.. the way it shows the volatility, i feel scary.. (meri investments ka kya hoga..) :-(...

Last year i couldnt visit the AUTO EXPO, though i got an opportunity... but this year.. i hve been to same premises bt the flavour was IITF not the AUTOEXPO... IITF 2008 is a unique display of the efforts the ppl across the globe do.... Forget the technology, but the things tht made be feel honoured for India was the rich heritage, the display of artistic skills and many things..

Life is going slow(Exams hai... :-):-D)... But i have been unfortunate with few of the changes tht came in my way.. it did affect me, and were so furious tht they took smiles away by MILES.... Hoping to get them back soon... I have been able to manage them somehow.. Thanks to my good friends who are there with me...

I wish you ppl get everything you deserve and desire...


Good luck to exams wale readers.. I hpe we all will not any scope of excuse further ... in both personal and professional life..


Unknown said…
thanks for ur good wishes for exams.........we all need them a lot..i also wish everyone all the best for exams, do ur best and u will always get best........ankit can u plz scrap me datesheet...tabhi good wishes ka fayda hoga..just joking....
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Say no to sorry atleast the thing is this that you are still ,managing to come out with time for providing these healthy informations to us for our benifit..

Realy sir i am not having words to say for this contribution..



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