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How to present a presentation to get a present :-)

Present , presentation and present.. the three similarly lookin words... Presentation is a serious business which a professional has to do these days.. to succeed... 

When it comes to addressing even a small crowd or making a presentation in front of a small group, most of us get anxious . While there is no denying the fact that public speaking may not be an easy task, a little planning can definitely make things easier. Business is all about selling your product and service . 

Lets see an Article of ET.. saying few good things abt it...

  • Start planning well in advance. “No matter how confident you think you are, it’s always better to start preparing well in advance"
  • The earlier you start preparing, the better it is.” Apart from the content, your planning would include everything from visuals - posters, charts, PowerPoint presentation, etc – to your speech, appearance and body language. Let’s look at each of these individually.

  • According to studies conducted, visuals are the most effective medium of communication because the brain absorbs visual data much faster than any other source of information. 
  • So your visual will be your trump card. However, this does not mean that you overload it with information. Keep the visuals as simple as possible. 

  • Get creative and use minimal images and words, but ensure that you convey your message effectively. 

  • Start working on your speech. 
  • It’s best to write it down and practice. 
  • Ensure that you are not getting monotonous and include occasional momentary relief by adding humour to your speech. Do not overload your audience with too much information. 
  • Analyse the task and priorities your content. 
  • Speak about only those points that you think needs to be presented. The less important points can be shared through handouts, etc. 
  • Write down your points and keep it ready for easy referral. 
  • Avoid referring to it as far as possible, but in case you lose track, it will help. Apart from the content, your speech preparation should include voice modulation and pronunciation as well. 

  • “Recording yourself and listening to it will give you an idea of where you falter,” suggests Vasundhara Rajhe, a corporate trainer.

  • As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Your body language is perhaps the first thing your audience is likely to notice. 
  • So work on it. While you practice your speech, stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Think from your audience’s perspective and try to find ways of improving. 

  • Appear confident. 
  • While planning your presentation, decide how much time you want to allocate to each section and strictly stick to the timeline. 
  • The time you allocate should neither be too long nor short. Respect your audience’s time and stick to the schedule. 
  • Get acquainted with the room Check and re-check your preparation. Be presentable; show your personality Use mind-mapping techniques. 
  • Do not overload your audience with information Watch what you say. Use pauses and speak slowly In case of an unwarranted situation, do not panic; handle it with tact.
My Take:

Ofcourse, givin a presentation is an Art... Some ppl can be very good speakers , as they belong to tht kind of environment, a family tht has a large number of ppl generally have great speakers... but an art is not always inherent.. it can be developed and incorporated with practice and 

practice and practice...




Unknown said…
the presentation tips r really good in listening or reading only acc. to me but in reality mostly of us know all dese points and since we dnt pay attention to dese points even I also as for us MBA's giving a good presentation is very imp. but know surely whenever i'll be gng to present a presentation i'll definitely do full preparation not only 1 day preparation as in my FOREX presentation Mam has said "WEAK PRESENTATION". and i dnt wnt to hear dese two word again in my life....
amita said…
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Thanx for the information to us
Mr. Presentation..

Ab pata laga aapki ppt. ki kamyabi ka secret :)

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