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Its all about doing...

There is a saying ... its all about doing.. not about thinking... 

i have a different say.. its about thinking then finalizing ensuring doing without thinking...

Time to write final post of the day.. 2106HRS, i m bloggin.. :)... felt like writin on doing things flawlessly... exams round the corner... everyone around me just too busy with the collection of notes, deep study of syllabus(as if questions in exams  are abt syllabus text not abt the topics), some are busy in finalizing notes...Life in exams take a new turn.... 

The thought came in my mind, while i was preparing for viva... during the study of WCM book( Working Capital )... I found a quote on the title page... " its all abt doing not thinking.."... As usual, i forgot the subject and started thinking on the quote... it actually perplexed me.. hw can i do everything without thinkin... got puzzled and tensed... hw is it possible..later on when i saw the name of author, i concluded tht author is saying for himself.. he might have done a CCP for writng.. if at all he would have done with brain, he wouldnt have got of copying[:)].... later on i realized tht i m good at critics.. (Bad attribute)...

Some hulchul in the last phase of semester 7... some team from NAAC coming to visit the campus for accredition.. preparations are on.. teams and team leaders being chosen... This led to the discovery of several new activity series...yesterday only i came to knw tht following innovative teams have been incorporated under IMS NAAC INSPECTION DEMONSTRATION ACT 2008:
  1. Computer lab maintanance team
  2. Water tank management team
  3. Khokha(management canteen mgt team)
  4. Attendance team(will look to follow up.. for the students who are not coming to dept..)
  5. Presentation Mgt team( will see to it tht presentations happen on time..)'

Talking some thing serious... life is actually about doing.. not thinking... Thinking makes u very critical.. ofcourse we need to do anything after thinking... if we think well , plan and execute on time, we neednt think on it concurrently...Time, resource and goals management are the keys to do things flawlessly... and meeting the expectations...

signing off for the day.. with a thought...

Hardwork has a confirmed payoff.. it would never go off... it brings u on track..

Believe on u as:

  1. 43% of all statistics are worthless.
  2. 7/5th of all people do not understand fractions
  3. If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.


M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Ye to galat baat hai ye sab mere jane ke baad hi kyo hua..
Ye teams pehle kyo nahi Bani??
Partiality :)

But sir u are best at every thing and not included in Critics :)

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