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West Bengal - It is not that bad...

West Bengal may have lost NANO.. it is criticized for business politics issues... but its not that Bad...

  • Located in the eastern part of India, is one of the most diverse states in terms of culture and ethnicity.

  • It is the 13th largest state in terms of area

  • The fourth most populous in the country.

  • Its capital, Kolkata, is one of the largest cities in India. With a gross state domestic product of US$ 48 billion, the state leads in production of various goods.

  • Its agricultural output ranks third in India.

  • Being an agrarian state, it offers tremendous potential for agri-business, given its natural endowments of fertile soil and five agro-climatic zones, coupled with aggressive land reform programmes.

  • It is the largest producer of vegetables and fruits in the country.

  • West Bengal is the leading exporter of finished leather goods; around 70 per cent of the country's leather goods are exported from the state.

  • Jute textile manufacturing is another important industry.

  • It is the second largest state in India after Maharashtra in paper production.

  • West Bengal offers one of the largest consumer markets in the country. With a gross state domestic product of US$ 47.85 billion in 2005-06, it is the third largest state economy in India, after Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

  • West Bengal has a strong social infrastructure in terms of educational institutes and medical institutions

  • The state has a literacy rate of 69.22 per cent, against the national average of 65 %

  • West Bengal is India's only large state with surplus power - the total generation of power produced by the state agencies was 17115 MU in 2005-06.


  • West Bengal has two modern ports located at Kolkata and Haldia.
  • Between 2002 and 2006, Kolkata port increased its cargo volume by 22.74 million tonnes, which was the highest amongst all major ports.
  • Its share in total traffic handled by all major ports increased to 12.55 per cent in 2005-06, from 10.6 per cent in 2001-02.
  • Kolkata Port is India’s only riverine port with two dock systems - Kolkata Dock System at Kolkata with the oil wharves at Baj Baj and a deep-water dock system at Haldia Dock Complex, Haldia, for sea borne trade.


M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Yes atleast this is the only state where even after a lossing the opp. of dev. due to Nano project they are more compt.. with other states of INDIA.

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