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God is best known in not knowing him..

Exams... so was occupied... felt like writing today... though one exam is still pending...When This december ended, i didnt come to know... Writin after so long, tht i have lost the touch.. on one side i have huge list of things to be discussed and on the same side, i m short of things tht i should share...

Well, God is best known in not knowing him, its on experience, the more u try to find him, farther u go from him(God)... I guess, God loves to work as MR INDIA, Invisible type..Everyday in our life we atleast come across one event where we find ourselves in a fix, why this happened and how this happened? .. sometimes it is a positve event, and as noble ppl we start saying thanks to God, and manytimes we hate God for those events in our life... We just loose the steerin of life,it seems tht someone else is driving our lives and controllng the events of our the end of day, be it a positve event  or a dud, we have no control on activities that have been tailored in his office... 

When we end up being quized for such kind of activities, we leave everything on the creator... Life , many times, makes us face a situation ,where everything is just beyond our reach, u can just visualize the developments, but u cant make them turn for u, in those situations, we either cry or become helpless, problems or issues just come in a queue, one issue ends and gives a way to next, a chain of problems... in this situation, the only hope is GENERATOR OPERATOR DESTROYER...It is God tht connects us to a different face of life... An old saying... sooner or later u reach a place from where u started... problems never come without solutions.. we dont know the solutions, thts a different issue, who is legtimate to make a solution, thats a pondering issue....

Problems come and go... faith in God becomes stronger and stronger... the more we disturb him in his work, the more NUETON's Third law is applied on us.....

Signin off with a quote:
God enters by a private door into every individual. 


M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Its nice that u had came back since long..
How wr the exams??

And aLSO marry X-MAX..!!!!

good new trend of introducing Quotes here :)

Thats true that God is having the hold of evry1`s life and we have to live it thats the only theme sir ji..


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