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Showing posts from September 26, 2008

Blog's Day One

Its day one for liveankit , 10:40Pm IST...  Almost 24 hrs before (10:10 pm yesterday) i published my first official post.As expected :-) except me just 4 ppl visited my blog :-):-):-) , but still i m happy as the number is 4 not zero...  I could give a new look to it , thts an acheivement, Blog is more lively with added elements like currency converter, BSE update, Google tools and stuff, a creation of mine...(Kiddin.... just outsourced frm 
Well, i am excited, not because i am live for the first time,it is nt the first time i created a website , i have been a website geek since my 9th class, i started with free servers, developed two websites for school and my instt. ( see and 
Second achievement is tht i have got a blue print abt the use of my blog, i shall be using it optimally for discussing good things like economy and business, ofcourse technology... apart from sharing my personal daily experiences,…

What Money Cant buy?

I found this topic interesting , so planned to merge it for you: 
I second the writer of  " Money Cant buy" for the following, With no doubts , i agree tht money cant buy:

1. Vision and mission of life
You can surely not buy a well organized vision for your life, Vision is something you aspire to be at some time in future, You cant buy aspirations and dreams, Currency is there to buy materialistic products.
Can you buy the purpose of ur life????????

2. Networking and building nurtured relationships

I can buy a networker, Money can bring ppl more close to me,I can buy things that have a probability of making a strong relation , but  definitely i cant buy people who'll stay with me for long,  for keeping a nurtured relation, I have been to Aditya Birla's MORE yesterday, i asked them for some nurtured relations, Couldnt find any, Will go to some other retail chain soon.. :) 
Building relationship is something that has to be learnt not to be bought from RELIANCE FRESH or WALMAR…