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Sep 29 is special, Liveankit's day 4..

September 29 is a special day for liveankit, As i have been celebrating dis day as my Dad's Birthday .. Yes, its my dad's Birthday today, Liveankit has associated you with new feature, the Crude Oil Prices,well , we keep on talking about the crude oil prices, This gadget would allow you to track regular changes in crude oil prices.. Today , apart from my stories, i'll discuss on crude oil prices...

As the day was special , it started with the call of a homo sapien called KING OFAMBALA... Few of my readers dont know, but most of us know , who m i talking about, I can bet with u, on a single interaction with him, u'll be his fan, His favourite word is " CULT".. u know why??  because he is a league of his own, no replication to style,temperament and attitude.He is a cult person, everything is different, at times i just become a fan of his style.. Technically, he is the best business man i have ever met, he has got the potential to be DHA..(look on internet for ex…

Who is winning and who is loosing with this US EESA Bailout!!

Who gains the most?
The banking industry and the Wall Street will be the biggest winners in what is human history's largest ever financial bailout.
The US economy: To some extent, the infusion of hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy, will help revive it once again. 
Some borrowers can also benefit from this bailout, as banks will have funds to lend for student loans, working capital loans, credit card accounts, even housing loans, etc.

Who will lose the most?Those who are facing foreclosures and whose houses are on the block will lose big.
The US taxpayers will lose out.
A lot of people who have lost their jobs might not get them back anytime too soon.
US executives who caused this crisis.

USA's Bail outttt... will it give some reliefffffffff-Liveankit

So, we have been talking on US Meltdown for long... Firstly the Subprime crisis ,the Lehman;s fall and now the BAIL OUT PLAN...
Kindly go thru the post to understand , what exactly BAIL OUT PLAN IS ALL ABOUT Finally the US Congress and the Bush administration have finally agreed on the language of the $700 billion legislation intended to bail out institutions reeling under the massive financial crisis after a marathon session stretching several hours.
Though the government and lawmakers have agreed on the broad outlines of legislation after sitting through the package late Sunday night, with lawmakers refusing to give the entire $700 billion to the Treasury at one go. The $700 billion, however, will not be given to the Treasury in one go to bail out the troubled financial institutions and the distribution of money will come about in three stages, the first of which will be in the magnitude of $250 billion followed by a tranche of $100 billion and finally of $350 billion.
There are at leas…