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Deal Finally Done.........!!!!!!!!!!!!

The issue of Indo-US nuclear deal between India and the United States has elicited varied reactions from different quarters in India as well as abroad. 
The Indo-US nuclear deal from its beginning till now has put various question marks on the stand of US,India and ofcourse Deal..
The following Questions in line would make u aware abt the deal:::   What Is The Indo-US Nuclear Deal?  By amending the Section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, the legislation permits the United States to provide a one-time concession to India to remain outside the purview of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) but keep its nuclear weapons.   After India conducted its very first nuclear test in 1974, the United States slapped a ban that prohibits providing it nuclear fuel and technology. This amendment upturns this 30 year old ban. India is also required to separate its civilian and military facilities under this amendment, apart from also permitting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to in…

Salad Partyyy :-)

You know it very well now, tht i m on diet.. :-) [Dont worry , see my previous posts, i have been on dieting few years back too, and see wht happened]... My dictionary has got a different meaning for it..
Dieting is an artificial state of human being when he(the person on diet)  pretends to eat less than the normal human beings(average Salman Khan looking guys) and actually thinks abt eating everytime, he is in a complete state of confusion when ,where and what to eat , his gossips start with food and ends with the same, its a kind of inorganic growth, where he is not eating anything physically and eating manythings mentally...
...Above all , the definition includes an important characteristic, the person on diet keeps on disturbing others with his views on dieting :-) , and a modern dieting wala person uses a media called BLOG to annoy the great readersssss.... :-)
Rest Characteristics of dieting later :-), so as the definition says abt dieting and history of my blog says that i am unde…

Egotistical Elements around us..!!

At times i get muddled with few questions in mind!! , Why are we human beings mystery in ourselves? , Why are we not the best creation of God? , Why do we peep into the life of other creatures? Why do we tend to forget everything? . Including me(i am a human being too) , i feel we all are enigmatic characters, true mysteries..Thts the reason we get confused when we are asked one simple question , Tell about yourself ?? . Most of us fall short in answering this question...Now even i am a mystery, samajh hi ni aata kya likhun??
Well, coming directly to the Title " Egotistical Elements" , we are a part of them, the world is full of characters who place their self interest over group interest, I dont think they are wrong in doing so, Self Interest is the Priority, if it wouldnt have been a priority , we individuals wouldnt have exist, a group would have got existed, but the rationale for self interest is not doing something good for oneself and harming others or neglecting the in…