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Something very important.. :-) Pack urself in a good looking bottle :-)

Generally everyone is skilled , knowledgeable and resourceful, eveyone has many strengths in him, what we lack in is in the public display of skills.
RESUME is one of the important aspect of presenting our personality, Any company , when it recruited start with the scanning of our resume..
Lets learn few things on it... 
Resume Do’s

Gather all information
Omit First Person Pronouns (I, me, my)
Omit unnecessary articles (a, an, the)
Use phrases with action verbs
Eliminate all errors
Plan an attractive layout
Make it look clean, neat, and orderly
Use bolding, italics, or underlines to emphasize
Focus on accomplishments
Edit, re-edit, get feedback, edit some more
Use the space on the page wisely!
Resume Don’tsBe too wordyInclude anything negativeMix formats or inconsistenciesLet someone else prepare your resume

The City Beautiful :-)

Well Guys , sorryyy for writing so lateeee , as told i was busy with a trip to the city Beautiful... :-), so hw u guys celebrated ur weekend?? was it rocking??? Thank u guys for the support, Liveankit existed bit nicely without new posts too, thanks to the spl comments from M_3, i have seen an increase in the number of comments and hits both :-), colleges are on today, it would be very "Complexxx " to trade off between college and blogggg.... 
Lag raha hoga ki do din baad likhna hi bhul gaya hai mujhe.. :-), same same, i am thinking the same... :-),  I feel like telling u something very very new, sorry old, I guess there exist two Indias.. One exists in the cities like ours and other exist in "The City Beautiful" kind of cities, The Two Indias are different, i feel tht we ppl lack in various aspects, be it communication ,sense of presentation, the electricity woes, the planning and development or any parameter... Generally we say tht metro cities lack in the traditi…