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Interesting College life...

Well, days are moving, i am getting more conscious on nature of the work,which i have to do on blog, as i told u , its very EASY to bring ppl on a blog once, but its too difficult to carry them for long, while going into the statistics , i found tht lot many ppl come again to read my posts, this makes my task more stiff, i read to make my offerings more excitin.. :-) 
The day started with the most interesting place of my life... My college... My college wale dosttt are thinking and plannin to kill me after reading , wht the hell is interesting in my college...
Question is ... why did u go for the meaning of interestin in OXFORD>> Here is one new definition for interesting...
In spl context to colleges... 
Interesting state is defined as a state of full enjoyment in a place subject to certain constraints called lectures... The place here in definition is  college, where the distributors of information(teachers) meet with the 'not so' interested takers of information and ppl li…

The taglines u need:

The taglines u need:
ABN AMRO Bank - Making More Possible 
Accenture - High Performance. Delivered
Adobe - Simplicity at work. Better by adobe.
AIG or American International Group Insurance Company - We know Money 
Air Canada - A breath of Fresh Air
Allianz Group - The Power on your side 
AMAZON.COM - Earth's Biggest BookStore
ANDHRA BANK - "Much more to do, with YOU in focus."
Apple Macintosh - Think Different.
ARCELOR - Steel solutions for a better world 
AT&T - The World's Networking Company
Bank of America - Higher Standards 
Bank of Baroda - India's International Bank 
BANK OF RAJASTHAN - Dare to Dream 
Barclays - Fluent in Finance; Its our business to know your business
Be Fearless. - SYMANTEC
BIG BAZAAR - Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga 
BIOCON - The difference lies in our DNA 
BLOGGER.COM - Push Button Publishing
BLOOMINGDALES - Like no other store in the world 
BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine
BOEING - Forever new Frontiers 
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) - The E…