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The Friday Fun :-)

September 25th 2008, The debut for liveankit, I started writing my blog with no aim and target in my mind.. It was the day 1 for my blog, Ab Big b to ni hun, tht ppl will read me, almost everyone close to me with whom i chose to share the idea wanted me to write, though like me they were uncertain too, hw to run a blog, wht to share, and hw to get connected... Regardless of the various uncertainities tht were flowin in my mind, i wrote the first post, poured ample of data,shared my personal stories,  and started getting readers and commentsss..
The statistics have touched a four figure now, around 1500 visitors, the purpose of telling u all this is not a publicity for blog, or acknowledgin the response, But it is to acknowledge you all for readin my stories continuously , this is not my blog, u have made me feel tht the blog has become ur daily destination too.. i really like it... , barring the informative posts, i know the other posts are useless to u, why others will have interest i…

Best Global Brands 2008

Every Year the INTERBRAND- a firm which has a specialization in valuating the brands lists the 100 global brands based on their brand strengths...
This year, the following ten companies are in the list....

Company: Coca Cola Inc 

Coca-Cola took the top spot among the Top 10 Global Brands 2008 for the eighth year in a row. 

Its sales surged in Asia, with Olympic sponsorship boosting its profile. But at the home front, the company continued to record sluggish sales.

Rank: 2 

Company: IBM 

IT major International Business Machines (IBM) pushed ahead of Microsoft for the first change to the top four since at least 2001.

---- Rank: 3 
Company: Microsoft Corporation 
Bill Gates brainchild Microsoft Corporation held the third position in 2008.
Rank: 4 

Company: GE 

GE held onto fourth position among the Best Global Brands 2008.

Rank: 5 

Company: Nokia 

Finnish telecom company Nokia was at no 5, amid all the iPhone buzz across the globe. Its reputation for quality put it far ahead of rivals…