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Celebrating Tuesday :-)

Tuesday of today, unlike the regular busy days was a free day... , as there was no college... i told u in my last post, our university has a special subject on strikes and dispute management.. For the last many days we have been doing a practical on strikes..
The university was closed due to strike, though it was a sensitive reason this time, some teacher being beaten by some outsiders, on a call by a student, outsourcingggg... I wish these things dont repeat again ,what so ever be the problem, whatever a teacher has done, this kind of reaction must not be given by students...
In our life, we must always learn to differentiate between personal and professional life, a student may have n problems with a teacher, but they are not the personal problems, it is somewhat related to the professional life, a physical assault on anyone means tht it is a personal hit... Life is a blend of several roles, in a day u hve several roles to be performed( lines copied . sorry outsourced)... Ur streng…


India has an exhaustive legal framework governing all aspects of business. Some of the important ones include:
Corporate Law
Companies Act, 1956
Governs all Corporate Bodies.
Competition Act, 2002
Law to ensure free and fair competition in the market.
Consumer Protection Act, 1986
Law relating to protection of consumers from unscrupulous traders/manufacturers.

Contract Act, 1872 Law relating to contracts in India.
Environment Protection Act, 1986 Provides framework for seeking environmental clearances.
Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 Regulates foreign exchange transactions including foreign investment.

Factories Act, 1948 Law regulating labour in factories.
Industrial Disputes Act & Workmen Compensation Act Labour laws dealing with disputes.
Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951 Governs all industries.
Dispute Settlement
Arbitration and Reconciliation Act, 1996 Law relating to alternate redressal of disputes amongst parties. Taxation

When Things are not fine :-):-) JET is the king of good times...

When things are not fine, Businesses need a restructing... lets study abt the new twist in an oligopolistic Airline Industryyy...Arch Rivals Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines, with a collective market share of over 58 per cent,  have decided to make a strategic alliance to help  each other in reducing cost and enhancing efficiency. What the alliance saysss:The alliance will involve code-sharing on domestic and international flightsAn interline agreement, Joint fuel management, Common ground-handling services and cross-selling flights through the global ticketing system.
The two have also agreed to cross-utilise crew on similar aircraft types and use common training facilities.Passengers can also use frequent flyer programmes by flying in either of the airlines.  
What the alliance will not include?There will be no equity investment in each other's company. A formal merger of the two airlines would not have been possible because the country's competition laws mandate that airli…