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Federer-The Money Leader

World number two and my favourite Roger Federer has already surpassed Pete Sampras and has become the all-time leader in career prize money earnings in men's tennis.. He is not only Brilliant on the court, but a star off the court too.. Lets see how much he has earned in his career

Career Prize Money 1) Roger Federer $43,288,519 * 2) Pete Sampras $43,280,4893) Andre Agassi $31,152,9754) Boris Becker $25,080,9565) Yevgeny Kafelnikov $23,883,7976) Ivan Lendl $21,262,4177) Stefan Edberg $20,630,9418) Rafael Nadal* $20,566,948*9) Goran Ivanisevic $19,876,57910) Michael Chang $19,145,632

Day was called HMT Safari...

Oct 24th, One of the great days for us unlike the investors who had a black day... A Yellow coloured bus getting prepared for one day hostelers(day skies like me), One day early risers(The hostel wale ppl), One day time Managers(girls of our batch) , well i m trying to theorize a superficial Industry visit to HMT, Pinjore, not so sophisticated Tractor manufacturer in India, but it is not a reason to avoid it, HMT is still a mark in Industry, there are fans and followers of this BRAND, after all it is HINDUSTAN MACHINE TOOLS... It was 0354HRS,Oct 24th, i got up and started getting ready for much awaited industrial trip( except strike , very few things occur in continuum, so ppl eagerly wait for trips like me...:))..

Bus was the USP of the trip, apart from the spl KUK logo on bus, ergonomical seats, Digital surround sound and very spl music system, the bus had a special feature, generally TATAs dont incorporate this feature in buses, as university is spl, the bus had a special feature ca…

The Biggest falls of SeNSEX

Markets used to crash, they are meant to slide and go up, thts why it is called trade... However The year of Saturn,2008, has been a sliding year for sensex.. It has falled a lot more time than it jumped up..

The sensex has become so sensitive to news tht Mr. Deepak Mohini who coined the word SENSEX is changin it to 'NEWEX'(NEWS SENSIVITY INDEX)....

Lets mark the biggest falls of SENSEX...

Date: April 28, 1992
Close: 3897
%Fall: 13

Date: May 17, 2004
Close: 4505
%Fall: 11

Date: Oct 24, 2008
Close: 8701
%Fall: 11

Date: May 12, 1992
Close: 3086
%Fall: 10

Date: October 15, 1990
Close: 1280
%Fall: 9

Date: January 21, 2008
Close: 17,605

Date: October 24
Close: 8701
Date: March 17,2008
Close: 14,809

Date: March 3,2008
Close: 16,678

Date: January 22,2008
Close: 16730
Fall: 875