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Entity called FII.............

Well, i have taken the reference from ET... FIIs are the key players in current stock markets..

Why they are so spl... lets have a look

Foreign Institutional investors (FIIs) are entities established or incorporated outside India and make proposals for investments in India. These investment proposals by the FIIs are made on behalf of sub accounts, which may include foreign corporates, individuals , funds etc.
In order to act as a banker to the FIIs, the RBI has designated banks that are authorised to deal with them. The biggest source through which FIIs invest is the issuance of Participatory Notes (P-Notes ), which are also known as Offshore Derivatives.
Can they invest in India?

they can invest in the stocks and debentures of the Indian companies. In order to invest in the primary and secondary capital markets in India, they have to venture through the portfolio investment scheme (PIS).
According to RBI regulations, the ceiling for overall investment for FIIs is 24% of the paid up capita…

Treasury called Hostel... :)

Hmmm... for many amongst us, hostel is a second home.. we enjoy life there, we like to party, like to fun and these are the few things that make us forget our homes, we miss them but just dont allow others to feel sad and do not tag them with isolation... The trip made me stay at hostel for one day, generally i bunk parties and events for nt stayin in hostel, may be i m scared or may be i like to stay at home, but i know i bunk a lot many times(not from class) but from various parties to stay in home instead of hostel... but Hostels are assets in our college life, this is a place that makes us feel just too close to the peers..

We learn
we Fight
we Play
we fall we rise
At the end , we say it ws a happy day...

I may avoid going to hostel, bt let me tell u , it is a fact tht whenever i go there , stay with my friends, i dont like to go back home... There are issues, there are disputes, but at the end of day, there's a smile on every face....
It …

Bloggin in small packetsss... :-)

Good morning everyone... :) , My new tagline says.. knowledge and fun, but in small packets.. :) , Actually i m trying to give an excuse with this new tagline

An excuse for the following:
1. Not writing regularly
2. taking many leaves
3. replying less to my comments
4. not praising me and my blog :-)
5. not telling u abt my dieting plans...

Well, from my side i m tryin to write as naturally as possible, as frequently as possible, but still due to scarcity of time and tight schedule i have been very irregular for the last many days... Though i have got a bit "Aalsi"( Indolent), thats a reason for it... In fact who is not lazy in wintersss...
Winter Poem::

Early to Bed ,
Late in rise,
makes a man lazy, fatty hefty in size..

There was a time when in my college my friends called me fatty, but nw they dont call me so, with the passage of time, the word fatty became too small to be tagged on me.. :-), kiddin.. I have tried to share a lot many things with u thru this blog, a lot many in whi…