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Why i like Crackers :-)

Agree to me or not.. but the first word which comes to our mind while thinkin on Diwali is CRACKER...a lot many of us dont use them , even i dont use crackers... but still i m sure, tht Crackers have a spl place in Diwali... Time to say something not really important, as it is the final post of the day :) , Just to share with u guys, i have been a lover of crackers once in my life, me and my bro used to start at 7 and ended up at 12 with a 12 star.. i still remember those days of COCK brand crackers being fired ... it was fun... THings changed and did we, hardly we find time in our schedule to use crackers tht way.... Diwali is a spl festival for everyone of us, apart from the patent line of all school essays(Yeh Hame ek doosre se milata hai), it is a festival tht has some brightness... It really enlightens many things... My previous post had a say on India's IT industry and its status, Like u i m stragged too.. we are 48th position,our strength is still a weakness on the globe..

India's IT connexion

If India has recorded a growth of 9%, it is the service sector which has contributed a lot... Both in Jobs and wealth... The Indian IT sector is one of the most basic service sector that has helped India a lot... Everyone talks about India becoming an IT super power...Will India ever become a IT super power? Is the country on the right direction? Well a report sayssss.... India is ranked 48th in the world in the IT industry competitiveness index 2008. India has an overall score of 28.9 on the IT competitive index as per the study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study assesses and compares the IT industry environments of 66 countries to find out the IT sector's competitiveness. The study revealed that India performed best in business environment and support for IT industry development with a score of 59.3 per cent and 54 per cent. Areas of improvement include IT infrastructure and R & D environment, which are relatively low in the IT industry competitive