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Is Smoking banned at Public Places???

Sorry Mr. Y.C Devashwar(Chairman,ITC Limited...) for the decision of the Health Minister,every public place is a NO SMOKING ZONE... in the overall turnover of ITC , Wills has got a major share, they are leaders in Ciggarette Manufacturing and sales... but ITC expected this kind of situation one day and like a smart company they never had a reliance on it... they are in various businesses like the clothing with Wills lifestyle and the high flying John Players, they are into FMCG with superia and Sunfeasttt.... Well, frankly speaking ,big businesses never fear with these kinds of bans, it is always the middle man who has to face a twisted music... It is the middle man who has to face the problems... ITC can manufacture less, but think abt the lacs of Panwalas who have their meals reliant on the selling of ciggarettes, there's no ban on smoking, but for sure , reduction in the public smoking would affect them.... but these questions or situations would arise if Smokin gets banned in

Dreamz Unlimited Private Limited

Well , not talkin about a dud tht SRK made few years back when he started production with Juhi Chwla and Aziz Mirza.. Yes, a lot many of us dont knw but SRK started Dreamz Unlimited , A production house , prior to his current Rockstar RED CHILLIES productions.... Dreamz Unlimited... a way we all live... We start a day with it and end up with the same.. Dreams unlimited pvt limited is a company within the person which has been incorporated since the time of birth ( not under the Companies Act 1956)... It has got our own assets and liabilities... makes us feel good better best and at times the worst... Like everyone of u , i start my day with eyes full of dreams... some dreams signifyin the activities i have already done, some say abt the things coming ahead, few say abt my past and a lot many makes me feel determined either by means of positive or negative motivation tht comes from the dreams... In our factory of dreams , we cook different variety of uncontrolled aims, targets, lesson

INR 49.19/1US$... how do we calculate it???

Exchange rates between currencies can be either controlled as in the case of India prior to the reforms or left to the market to decide, as is the case now in India. Present : Left on markets to decide... History: was Controlled by Govt... In the case of controlled exchange rates, it is quite obvious that the government would fix them, so the question really boils down to what is the process by which markets determine rates. The supply and demand for different goods determine what their prices are. In this case, substitute currencies for goods. Lets take the case of one foreign currency to understand how this market works. Thus, the dollar-rupee exchange rate will depend on how the demand-supply balance moves. When the demand for dollars in India rises and supply does not rise correspondingly, each dollar will cost more rupees to buy. Supply of Dollar???? The supply of dollars comes from several sources. One is Indian exporters of goods and services who sell their wares in