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Nations that are associated with qualityyyyy :-)

India.. for sure..( as Liveankit is Indian Product :-)....Kiddin... We need to improve a lot in quality.. though we are better than our closest peer CHINA....

The few nations are just too good with quality... Rediff has again shared a great piece of information...

1. JapanJapan is considered the industrial power house of the world, is ranked No. 1 for quality products. Japan has emerged has the best coutry for manufacturing high quality products, in a survey conducted by FutureBrand, a leading global brand consultancy. Japan mainly exports machinery, electronic appliances, cars, foodstuff and chemicals.2. United States

United States comes second in the list of countries offering best quality products. The US's main exports are computers, electrical machinery, vehicles, chemical products, military equipment, aircraft, agricultural products, gold, transistors, vehicle parts, telecommunications equipment.
3. Germany

Country-branded products greatly leverage pre-existing perceptions of the…