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Multiplex Footfalls... :-) Exclusive coverage..

Finally we have got a mall in our city with a multiplex..( 15 years late hi sahi.. :))... Well, Multiplex is a new destination for all..specially for the ppl who live a life packed with joy , humour, entertainment and exposure.

India has got a new success story called multiplexes.. on one side there's a real estate fall ,but on the same side we have a new story called MULTIPLEX BOOM...

About the Multiplex boom -
India is experiencing a multiplex boom over the last 5 years with more and morescreens being added every month.
India currently boasts of about ~500 multiplex screens ascompared to ~11,000 single-screens.
The pace of multiplex roll-outs has been quite speedy, with 3 players reaching close to or above the 100-screen mark this year.
High visibility of earnings:
The sector offers a lot of potential andhigh visibility for steady cash flows given the demand - supply dynamics, which are playing out in its favor .
Even on a very conservative basis, we expect the leading pla…