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West Bengal - It is not that bad...

West Bengal may have lost NANO.. it is criticized for business politics issues... but its not that Bad...

Located in the eastern part of India, is one of the most diverse states in terms of culture and ethnicity.
It is the 13th largest state in terms of areaThe fourth most populous in the country. Its capital, Kolkata, is one of the largest cities in India. With a gross state domestic product of US$ 48 billion, the state leads in production of various goods. Its agricultural output ranks third in India.
Being an agrarian state, it offers tremendous potential for agri-business, given its natural endowments of fertile soil and five agro-climatic zones, coupled with aggressive land reform programmes.It is the largest producer of vegetables and fruits in the country.
West Bengal is the leading exporter of finished leather goods; around 70 per cent of the country's leather goods are exported from the state.
Jute textile manufacturing is another important industry.
It is the second largest s…

The Day starts with Sorry:-):(

Sorry everyone.. as usual , i m startin my post with an excuse, i hve been writing less... well, a genuine reason , exams starting.. The schedule is out.. its from 10th till 29th.. everyone of you would be busy too...

Sometimes i feel tht when someone gives an excuse, he doesnt gives in the form of excuse, on his part , he has a genuine reason.. obviously a person cant be genuine for alll... suppose a reason for not writin is genuine for me, but tht doesnt means tht this genuine reason can be generalized for all..

An excuse is an excuse for not being compliant with your commitment, it can never be genuine( barring the unavoidable natural disasters or nature's rules).. It is just a back up we use when we feel tht we are not meeting the obligations.. as I do... Hafte baad aaye.. sorry likha.. solid sa excuse dia aur chalo is baar kaam chal gaya... :-):-D:-):-D

Another milestone approaching, we are touch 3k very soon..!! I wish sensex doesnt comes to that level.. the way it shows the v…

Banking in HDFC fashion :-)

Where the most of the global banks have struggled. the HDFC Bank has been able to manage an ability to grow at over 30 per cent annually in the last nine years consecutively and that too with superior credit risk management practices.

The merger of retail focused-Centurion Bank of Punjab (CBOP) with HDFC Bank effective May 23, 2008, will shore up revenues in the medium-term.Post Merger
The inherent synergies of HDFC Bank and CBOP in their retail focus was the driver for the merger, which added around 400 branches to HDFC Banks' branch strength of 760 (as on March 2008)
15-20 per cent increase in the asset base to more than Rs 1.7 lakh crore.
has helped increase the size of HDFC Bank But it has also led to some pressure on key ratios (see Merger Effects) for the combined entity
CBoP ratios were lower than that of HDFC Bank. Re-branding of CBOP was completed in May itself;
Training processes to assign all the employees of CBOP in their new roles is marching ahead with almost 90 per c…