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Not so fascinating year for TATAs

It's been a rough year for Ratan Tata and the TATAs.

2008 started off in a grand way, with the acquisition of the iconic British marquees Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) and the launch of most awaited NANO...

JLR deal gave the Tata group the necessary global credentials. Things started skidding off-course when the Nano project had to be pulled out of Singur, West Bengal.Soon the global financial meltdown set in, hurting several group businessesThe devastation of the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, the jewel in the Tatas' hospitality crown.
TATAs are facing one of the toughest years in its entire existence of over a century.
Ratan Tata's grave facial expression in his recent public appearances--be it during his visit to the devastated facade of the Taj or at the height of the Nano conflagration in Singur--reflected the challenges he faces.

The global meltdown has hit group businesses. The Tatas are finding it tough to access credit and equity, thanks to the tight liquidity conditions, …