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The beginning of 009…

So, after the blistering 2008, 2009 has finally arrived, as I said in my last post, intentionally unintentionally we coin several expectations from a new season, be it connected to business, connected to our family or even the nation… As expected, due to crisis and terror, the year didn’t start with a bash. On an average everyone had a noiseless public display…!!

When I was reading the 17th Anniversary issue of Business today, I came across certain meaningful things various leaders have said, not the political leaders, but our corporate leaders, from the 30 + quotes I read, I found few really inspiring… They are not just quotes but the principles that every life must incorporate in him/her…

Some of them are:

1. Listen to your inner voice

2. Out of every 10 men are born in this world, 9 out of 10 works for the 10th one... prepare to be the 10th.

3. Reach for stars with foot on the ground

4. Results matter, efforts doesn’t.

5. Be successful , but not at the cost of principles

6. It’s better to go wrong with your belief than somebody’s else

Of all those phrases, I liked these, all had some sort of values involved…Every one of us is good at making efforts, we all have similar ingredients in the efforts we do, at times we lack from the best in terms of values…

A crispy post in my interest.. :-)



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