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Mobile Network Congestion

Well, we have reliance GSM service ready for all.. a sim getting delivered at ur place at 25 rs and a talk time of 10 rs per day... but the condition of cellphones in INDIA isnt...

Lets read a TRAI's report..

  • Telephone subscriber base 374.13 million
  • The congestion levels between one network to another has risen considerably with Bharti Airtel's network emerging the most congested.
Between July-September 2008,
  1. Airtel had 41 points of inter-connections (POIs)- the highest level of congestion among the various networks.
  2. Vodafone was the second most congested network with 22 POIs
  3. Reliance Communications and Idea had 19 each
POI parameter signifies the ease with which a customer of one network is
able to communicate with a customer of another network. It also reflects
as to how effective is the inter-connection between two networks.


Anonymous said…

EDGE,,HSPDA,UMTS-these are some technologies other thn gsm and cdma... would u tell thm in detail plz..
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
I AM USING THE BLACKBERRY SERVICE THESE DAYS MR.A and its too expensive but too good tooo..

U get all ur mails directly on the desktop of ur GPRS phone and u can even reply and forward them do evry thing with it......
going now bye tc

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