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The story of Placements at IMS

So, after a long time , u ppl have bcum unfortunate again... I have got few spare minutes to discuss my personal stories... means.. to write after a long time.. .!! The current month is October 2009... As we - the most diversed and NESW flowing blend of 38 students (2005-2010) are in the final year of a 5 year programme called MBA INTEGRATED PRACTICE ORIENTED PROGRAMME... We actually have a unique story... we wre 50 in the first year.. got reduced to 47 by the end of first year.. and finally 38 in the fourth year... The others got placed... not in the companies , but to an other variety minded classroom of a different B-SChool...

Like every B-School we have the following attributes:

1.We are thinking sky high plans on placement

2. We are very curious to come out of college to corporate world

3. We have stopped studying in lieu of workin on placements

4. We hate sessionals and exams as they irritate the placement work

But but and but...

Unlike Every B-school we are doing nothing to achieve the three things i wrote above.. .So this is something unique abt us...Unlike the other B-schools ,

1. we are spending more time in not working, because we have to work a lot in the corporate world.

2. we are sitting at home for long time, because aage to hamein time milega nahi..

3. we are enjoying Diwali a lot, because this is the last Diwali in College, and later on companies wont allow us to make Diwali..

4. We are so Hard working that we are finding hard to get time to work... :-)... But anyways... we are different from the rest... :-)

Why dont we initiate??? Is this a question??? Actually its not about working on the placements.. its about deciding where to start from... What to achieve and what not to ... Ab itni opportunities ho to... the decision becomes difficult... But anyways we are different from the rest.. :-)

Placement in my campus was too good if i were to see the photos of my first batch on ORKut, but later on.. it took a humped shape.. The graph showed results like the stock exchanges of early 2009.... THe fever of recession gripped the institutes.. and a disease called "Dont work FLU" infected each one of us in the campus... The flu has the following symptoms:

  1. We stop listening to each other
  2. We are eager in not doing work because there's recession and we are not going to get a job
  3. We start thinking that why to work, when we are going to get a pink slip
  4. We think that United we fall, divided we stand..
  5. We get hopeless as there is no hope left in the world..

Swine flu is curable.. but the above said symptoms are not... As we 38 ppl are very different ppl from others. i hope that we'll try hard work, we'll try not to get HARD towards work...

The fear in my mind towards placements is -

India, for the last many years has never achieved the results stated in its 5 year plans.., the question is ??? Is a 400 acre University called KURUKSHETRA capable of meeting the results it planned(If any) for its MBA 5 year programme....

I , still, hope... the Road to success is under construction with least amount of concrete available.. God Bless u all..

Inconveniences regretted if any of us get HURT...


Shivam Trehan said…
fantastically and timely said sir. i also had time and time again stood up again these atricoties and if needed sir i will be always with u in these causes for concern with everybody at IMS
M_U_K_U_N{U_V} said…
Rightly said the thing only lacking is that we always talk of initiation but no one initiates of its own.......
Best of Luck sir...
Best part was in minded classroom :-)

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