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Highlights of the Budget

The Interim Budget does not have any major announcements that affect the industry, except for some measures such as extension of interest subsidy (on pre- and postshipment credit) to boost exports in sectors such as textiles, leather and gems & jewellery. A slew of measures were announced as part of the stimulus packages in early December 2008 and January 2009. 

While some of these measures are positive for the respective sectors, the excise duty reduction (by 4%) across sectors has been mostly passed on to consumers. In the following sections, we assess the impact of all these measures, including announcements in the Interim Budget, if anyAutomobilesThe net impact of various policy changes is marginally positive across auto segments. 
However, lower economic growth prospects, weak consumer sentiment, high interest rates and stringent disbursement norms will continue to impact automobile demand. 

Due to the 4% reduction in excise duty announced in December 2008, and lower fuel prices…

Life is not that Easy :-(

Life is just not abt the things u see , its beyond the watchable component, it is a complex of many things tht u may like or dislike..!! Well, writin after a long time, didnt feel like writin since long..!! Some events are really hard to accept, it takes time for u to take them as a part of life, well said- Life is nt a cake walk.. 
Some events of life just totally grill u and become an undesired part of life, u dont aspire to have them in ur life, but u r left with no options..!! Time since Sunday has been tough for me and my closest peers due to similar kind of situations .. none of us expected it , but in reality it did occur and has become an unexpected part...
In a situation like this, u can do nothing beyond criticizin almighty for bringin this kind of fate..! , u have no control on situation , a total loss of self control..!! 
Tough to describe this kind of situation..!!
Today it ws the acid test... dont know hw we all perked with the situation... i wish things could have reversed …