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The story of Placements at IMS

So, after a long time , u ppl have bcum unfortunate again... I have got few spare minutes to discuss my personal stories... means.. to write after a long time.. .!! The current month is October 2009... As we - the most diversed and NESW flowing blend of 38 students (2005-2010) are in the final year of a 5 year programme called MBA INTEGRATED PRACTICE ORIENTED PROGRAMME... We actually have a unique story... we wre 50 in the first year.. got reduced to 47 by the end of first year.. and finally 38 in the fourth year... The others got placed... not in the companies , but to an other variety minded classroom of a different B-SChool...

Like every B-School we have the following attributes:

1.We are thinking sky high plans on placement

2. We are very curious to come out of college to corporate world

3. We have stopped studying in lieu of workin on placements

4. We hate sessionals and exams as they irritate the placement work

But but and but...

Unlike Every B-school we are doing nothing to achieve th…