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Some of my Facebook updates.. Thought to post here too

If you have a belief that something can't be done, at least Dont think of getting in the way of the person who is doing it... What is ur take on this?

I guess, By Doing the same thing again and again , still expecting some extremely different results is nothing more than definition of being crazy...Think Different , but support that thinking by doing different.

The journey Ahead has synonyms:
Excitement, Fear, Anxiety , Joy , Inquisitiveness , Delight , Aspirations , Dream ,Faith in God , Hardwork , Dedication ,Determination and Courage to face challenges...
I believe that we are our WORK. I hope we do not trade our life and time for nothing more than few extra RUPEES.

For me.. Roger Federer is a better player than anyone else, Rafa might have won 3 in a row against Fedex.. All I know is .. I started loving tennis while watching Roger playing it.. Had no interest in Tennis earlier... To me he is a GOAT. Wish and desire tht he wins French Open this year.

Hang me, I am fed up with confine…

The Mathematics of SMS

48 INR=750 SMS... 99INR= 30000 SMS...Maximum consumption of a guy/gal having a gf/Bf is 200-300sms/day, means around 10000sms per month max. What an equation the companies make, making ppl buy 30000 when they need 1/3rd of it. and then pricing the second option just too unbeneficial, thereby making a forcible purchase.. Still you ppl say tht Telecom sector is no more profitable:-)