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New millenium , One Decade, Five year, six month... Numbers can speak for them....

Life has its numbers and quantitative value, Numbers play a key role, be it the history or future and even in the present. Through out the life we talk about the quality of life lived, but when it ends we describe it as a number, simply we say - "he lived for '60 years'"- SIXTY-.

Beginning the post with a wish for all on 25.12- Merry Christmas. Wish you a great Christmas evening. I have been off the writing pad since long, like always i am ready with a well justifying reason- LACK of time. Well, even the 86400 seconds of a single day have become too less to meet the essential needs of the day such as social blogging, Orkutingg etc. (Hope you didnt think abt food and sleep). Most of my day goes into NUMBERs while making different MIS reports, Investor Needs and Budget for my company, rest of the time is taken by cell numbers and facebook likes/dislikes.

Coming to the number of life, 5 days to go and 10 years of the new millenium will be a history now.
These 10 years a…