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1.21 Billion

We , Indians, now are a family of 121 crores now, as per the 2011 Census. Up by 17.64%.
Equal to a combined population of US, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan.

Some of my observations


1.      Look it from other side, a deficit of 10%, since the GDP never grew by that percent in this period

2.      It's a serious threat, courtesy- BPL figures :(

3.      A nation can't sustain with an increasing topline when its bottom line doesn't complement it , assuming topline being the population, bottom line be the economic growth

4.      Growth rate is less, not the number. 20% on 100 is 20 and 2% on 1000 is 20 as well. If the base would change, obviously percentage shall come down. On the quantity- we have risen to a higher number. Secondly- male to female ratio still a concern. Education is contributing- but with disparity of geography

5.      Base- It is the 2001 data. On the same- we have increased quantum. In numbers we have added more, in percent we have added less, this is what m saying. The only difference is that we have added a good number of children that are now getting educated

6.      We are up by 17.64% owing to increased female foeticide, again a reason to worry.

7.      Per Population - if u say that it is number of ppl increase per total population, it is mathematical, that is why it has shown a less number than previous year. Issues of concern are - we couldn't contain the increasing number.

8.      All i want to say is- GROWTH RATE is a base effect, Quantum number not in control, like every year, so positivity aana baaki h... 

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