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New sunshine. A new beginning ... Welcome 2011

Well, 2011 has finally arrived, I shared about my experiences in the previous year. When we talk about a new year,we look out for a new sunshine. For each one of us, atleast the first day of a fresh year is beyond many things:
-It is beyond a simple date, a simple calender change,a last night bash, a conversation on phone, a chat , facebook status update.

on the first day we think about a new life, we talk about expectations of a new development in the coming days, a hope of satisfying all wishes,a passion to succeed and many more. Life sees a new beginning on the day one.

The new years start with new resolutions, new commitments and a curiousity to see some unexpected changes in life, our previous years might have gone like any year, but on the 1st January we shall always look for breakthroughs and Chamatkars

So this was all about the philosophical humankind on new year, that is on 01 Jan, as the days pass , the trend changes and we land up doing something else:
1st Jan- Naya saal h,…

Happy New Year

  Wishing all the readers a very happy and prosperous new year!!!

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