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In life

When in life you feel that your life is stalled. You can have a couple of options. You could sit patiently and wait for the traffic to move. Or, you could get out of the car and walk.
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Being Strong

At times , Being strong is not about being rebellious to almighty's call, it is about being adaptable to the truth. What matters is how humbly you accept the facts of life.

One has to be strong and consistent enough to accept the truth, fighting against the time is not the only way to be resilient , accepting the facts are important as well.Many times we think that if we don't rebel , we aren't strong, but strongest is the guy

who understands the need of the hour and let things work well within the constraints,

one who tries to find happiness from the anticipated pain,

one who dares to find the best way out from the worst options he comes across

One who leads life with the stream of life, without actually being drowned in the sorrow

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