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Mutual Fund- Short Term or Long Term

It may look very strange when everyone is advocating Mutual Fund Sip for long term, what is the necessity for this debate on ‘Is Mutual Fund SIP for Short term or long term?’.
Theoretically doing a Mutual fund SIP for long term will work for investors. But for practical reasons we need to commit a Mutual Fund SIP for short term. That is we need to break that long term into many 6 months or 1 year periods and commit your Mutual Fund SIP for first 6 month or 1 year.
Then at the end of 6 month or 1 year renew your SIP for another 6 month or 1 year. You need to renew like this till you complete your predetermined long term period.
You may think it is an unnecessary paperwork and waste of time. But you will be completely convinced when you have finished reading this article.
Contribution towards Mutual Fund SIP Changes:
How much you are contributing towards Mutual Fund SIP changes over a period of time.
ØAt the beginning of a career a person will be able to commit Mutual Fund SIP for small sum…

Eight Simple Ways to Plan your Taxes

Eight Simple Ways to Plan your Taxes.
You have got only a few more months to complete this financial year. Very soon you will get a call from your company to submit the proofs for tax saving investments. So why don’t you spend some time on organising your tax plan?
1)Proper Allocation of Annual compensation Restructuring your salary with some additional components can reduce your tax liability. This restructuring doesn’t require any additional cash outflow. The following components can be efficiently used to reduce your income tax liability.
vTransport allowance to the extend of Rs.800 is exempt vMedical expenses which are reimbursed by the employer are exempt to the tune of Rs.15000 vFood coupons like sodexo or ticket restaurant are exempt from tax up to Rs.60000 vIndividuals who are all living in a rented accommodation can include House Rent Allowance ( HRA ) as a part of their salary vLeave Travel Allowance (LTA) can be part of your salary as this can be claimed twice in a block of 4 years…