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The Economic Times shared the following link and had this to say about it:

During the 1990's , Indians preferred to go abroad for higher studies and pursue career opportunities there. Today, the scenario has changed. A CEO who earned $200,000 in the US might agree to come to work in India at a salary of $120,000 which can buy the same number of goods and services here. Here's a detailed analysis of how in the coming years, India will emerge as a key hub that attracts top global talent.

There has been an up to 20% increase in the number of CEO movements compared with last year, as persons of Indian origin and non-resident Indians return home.
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Unusual Gifts

Unusual GiftsSweets, crackers, gold coins, and jewels are the items which come to our mind when we think about Diwali gifts. Let me unbundle some unusual gift ideas for this Diwali here.Gift ideas for children:1)Piggy bank:This may not be a great idea. But can be done in a different fashion. That is you gift a piggy bank to a child with 90 one rupee coins. Set a target for the child to make it to Rs.100 in a month. This motivates the child to save Rs.10 extra to make it Rs.100. Like wise you can set a target for a year. Also announce some bonus when the child achieves a particular target. Say when it reaches Rs.1000 give the child a bonus of Rs.100. Idea is not only to gift the piggy bank and to encourage and motivate to save.2)Savings account for kids:Open a savings account for the gift. It gives a great feeling to the gift, when the kid gets a bank account in his/her own name. Whatever cash gifts, the kid gets for Diwali, Christmas, New Year, birthday and other special occasion can …