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Are you up for these 3 Financial Challenges?

Let's begin learning:The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket. ~ Kin Hubbard Kin Hubbard is right in saying that if we do not spend money unnecessarily we would be able to save money and double it. However most of us like to spend and would find it difficult to not spend at all. We feel that it could stress us further.  Accepting the3 financial challenges could help you in controlling unnecessary spending. Once you control and avoid unnecessary spending you can save more and invest more. So you can achieve your financial goals easier and earlier.Here are the challenges:  A Day Away from spendingThe challenge of not spending for a day could be difficult, but could help save and render some important life lessons.It is true as most of us have regular daily expenses on coffee, tea, lunch, and snack at regular intervals and fuel to travel to and from work. Effective planning with implementation of this challenge involves ensuring that your …