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I believe

I believe its really important to be avowed as 'okay, I am alright' , then to be an annoying broadcaster of my personal rage... Don't want people to hear something which is purely mine and probably they have no solution/understanding to it...
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Instruction Manual for Investing

Let’s open the manual:Every gadget you buy in the market comes with an instruction manual or user’s manual. But your salary, savings...retirement don’t come with an instruction manual.  So we don’t know how to handle these and we end up mishandling. The result is poor investment choices and unhappy retirement. This article is an effort to draft an instruction manual for our investments.Investment forms an integral part of our work life, with many wanting to save and invest to meet our long-term financial needs. We would all agree that just living from paycheque to pay cheque would leave us in a bad financial state making us incapable of meeting our family’s financial commitments and our expenses after retirement. Don’t Fly Blind; Have a Financial PlanIt is vital to chalk out a financial plan at the very beginning of our career. This plan would tell us how much we should save and invest. This plan also ensures that our long-term financial needs are met. It may prove difficult and somet…