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A Financial Checklist While Switching Jobs

“Careful planning is the key to safe and swift travel." ULYSSESThis very much applies to the many especially young executives who look for lucrative and better job opportunities. But careful planning and following a financial checklist before one change a job can give them all the benefits of the change and more.For the smooth transition from one job to the other you need to carefully attend to the points discussed in the below checklist.1)Old Salary AccountOpening of a new salary account and the non-maintenance of the old accounts should be carefully considered. Most companies would require one to open a new salary account in the bank advised by them. This would leave one with an extra account to be maintained. The old account, which you have opened when you were in your earlier company, would after 3 months lose the benefit of zero balance of a salary account. It would also seem unmanageable since regular operation of the account and maintenance of minimum balance may be diffic…