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A conversation with God

Sometimes, what it takes to understand your life is the whole life itself... With confusion around, things changing every minute- for good or bad, the only aspirational factor left seems to be the 'complexity'. You come across so many dynamic factors that sometimes it becomes hard to cope with...

Well, in line with the opening notes, the dodgy phase in my life continues to the next level, the belief of god in me that I am his 'favourite student of odd times' seems to have grown to a new high. I believe the god has started assuming that I am just open to have all odds addressed. His faith in me for the acid tests have doubled. But this way of life is not working with the routines this world wants me to deal with, this is no way to show his favouritism, Everyday, a new surprise, becomes a tough challenge.

My dear god,
I never had many things in surplus(forget weight), still it takes hard on my heart to give away the things i always fond to keep with. I wonder hardly there has been a time when I thought to complain you about the things I want and the ones I never look upto, have always been smiling and staying intact with whatever you gave, but does that means I will never be getting anything I don't ask for? Will I never be getting anything I aspire for? Do I always want to say you my desires? You always want me to crawl for the things I need? Since my early days to today I have always been informed that you stay within me, cant you just look into my soul and see my wishlist?

Everytime , almost every morning I look to see you with a new hope that today , atleast today, you will try your best to bring back my smile, atleast today you wud want me to look ahead and see the beauties of the world, atleast a moment of satisfaction that whatever you decided for me is for the good.
You thought to keep me serious, I agreed, you thought to make me feel great, I agreed(no wonder how much It took to do that), but my only question to you is, why did you chose me to be somebody whom you thought to experiment with? Why doesnt even a single request submitted to you goes unaddressed?
I don't want things taken away- twice to be back to our lives, all I want is a clear mandate, as to why do you want me to believe that LIFE IS NO WHERE instead of LIFE IS NOW HERE...

Yours truely
An old friend turned foe.

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