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Not quite what I had thought about

I have been writing on the blog for a pretty good time, I do not exactly remember the date(though the first post may say it) , perhaps the span would over four years. I remember the inspiration , a long time mate in my tuitions who started off writing(Ankur), also the period when the controversies were taking their due place on the blogs, the era when the likes of big b(criticising season 3 of kbc), aamir khan(srk is my dog) were amongst the few prominent writers. My writing did take inspiration from them, not that I was to trigger a controversy, but I wanted to expose the depth with which I can write.

Had I been writing using a pen, the first and last post would have happened in 08 itself. I still remember the cipher text I have always been writing using the pen.It doesn't matter that  I write it with a parker or a sheaffer fountain pen.:-).

The blog thing for me principally rested on two foundations- one being the disregard to fountain pens and other being the quickest transformation of technology , largely the inception of micro blogs in the name of twitter, facebook,myspace and may be the blackberry(s). I may have tried to explore the possibilities of saying my stories in odd 140 characters.

But,honestly speaking, writing was never my cup of lassi(oops tea- sorry, I am recently inspired by bol bachhan, just to explain- its not 'junior b' who did the needful). It was not something I had thought about. In life, especially mine, I think there have been over 1000 such events when the results have just been opposite to what I always thought about.

+ I always liked talking, have always been punished in school for crossing the ceiling limit of voice and words, but by the fag end of college I ended up writing more than what I promised to speak. Give me a topic and chance to speak, I may say few words , but if the same has to be written about, I will break the circuit barrier. Not quite what I had thought about.

+ Gave an entrance exam in my university, intensely cursed the place, ended up taking admission to a course there. Not quite what I had thought about.

+ Had always been a lover of science, just too finicky about the principles, theoroms, reasons, experiments and may be technology. Ironically I ended up doing my grads in commerce. Not quite what I had thought about.

+ always thought of being into services, may be the ones who advise people, always complained about being with a growing organization, landed to a growing manufacturing company. Not quite what I had thought about.

+ had always thought staying away to relationships, for years I avoided the girl closest to me as a friend and got into one. May be the biggest ironies I could ever think about. Not quite what I had thought about.

Going by the LTD(life till date), I think with 25 long years of multi faced illustrious experience of emotions, events, incidents , I have been able to understand something that the life never runs as you plan for it, it works the way it has to , may be the way , my best friend (our god) has planned for it.

Reading this post of mine and without being cynical about experiences of the journey, I may say that this thought is something which our parents have been telling us since we start understanding their voices.Regardless of facts, our life will take you through all these experiences so that your suppositions get translated into beliefs.

In the epilogue, I would say that I have always been allergic to people who speak the simple things in twisted form, with this writing fiasco I will end up adding another disorder to me. Not quite what I had thought about
:-) :-P :-D

Cheers, Ankitt

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