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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(3)

Graduated in 2008, as a Bachelor in Business Administration, I felt like adding a first feather to my hat. Not that I felt to have understood the NASA science, but an achievement (small or superior) certainly bettered my 'happiness index'. Having a graduate degree as BBA from an average department of an ordinary university (my perception for the college) was never my thought about life.  I may have felt happy for a while, but inside my heart, I was quite sure that I am yet to make it big; there was still a lot to be done.  No wonder, an unexpected tag of being a gold medalist crystallized my smile further. I never thought that my career would be an exceptional fusion of north meeting south.
I recollect my mum's conditioning us for not condemning anything that has helped us in one way or other. Although I have miserably failed to learn this from her and have always finished with my preferred criticism for the things I dislike, even the people. Having said that, my 'not so exciting college' certainly bestowed me with the passion to write, not just to text, but to think extensively, may be to add expressions to it. Lettering about 35 full length sheets in almost 12 annual subjects, and then repeating it for 3 something years unquestionably added some out of the box elements and that was the period I started pouring flowery texts alias posts to my blog.(Post 1, Post on College, Silver Hundred, Dreamz,Hostel, TPP , HMT)

The three years comprising various ups and downs, pros and cons had been pivotal in my evolution. From being fatalistic in mind, I had starting looking towards the better side of the life. As they say, when the destiny has written an alteration for you, the entire fraternity blends into the change. 2008, 2009 and thereon, my brother started contributing his hand in the family and graciously he could bring about a variation in everything, ranging from the way we lived, to the balances in the bank. He could yield a termination to many of our recurring problems and therefore leading to a relatively peaceable mindset for us to explore world.

Success to me in the short term has been a gift. If my parents struggled their lives to bring me to the college, to get graduated, the elder sibling made no less an effort to have the things nurtured. And if the family established an ideal state in me, my invisible friend (Sorry, she continued to stay in the blanket) encouraged me to implement things in person. If the circumstances over the decade taught me to judge people, she helped me learn how to value people, she continued emphasizing "Ankitt(An extra in my name was her gift), If you continue judging people, you will never have time to love them, to value them, to cheer them, and to respect them".

Leaving aside her own expectations, making no efforts toward her development, she tried every possible thing for me. The conversations on the text were at their peak best and probably the invisibility of friendship was turning towards the visibility of a relationship (again her efforts,as I continued to play fool/even foul).
It might be a sequence of events that brought in a change, it could be her care, an affection that I looked to the beautiful side, but the eventful thing to me was my first mid night call that lasted till 5 in the morning. To my surprise, a guy who didn't even managed a sixty second call with her, who made all possible efforts to miss an eye contact, who(owing to his shyness) made no special efforts to speak to her continued speaking to her for six something hours.

Was her voice turning magical? Did something really changed in her? Did this really happen? Were some of the questions in my mind. Was i charmed to everything she got connected with?

Were some of the questions in my mind.

Read next part for more

Cheers Ankitt(with an extra t)
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