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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(7)

"Ankitt, can anything work out?", she inquired with a misfortune flashing on her face. Her voice shivered in the call that day, she had all emotions coming in her trembled state. "I wish, I had the option", was my concise yet an unconvincing reply. Tears rolled down her eyes and we just left the phone connected for a while.
It was not the first time we hypothesized the possibilities, neither were we unaware about the most practicable arrangement. A couple of options could happen, but our short list of prerequisites had something called "Legitimacy and acceptance to families". The hindrances to a possible solution were no 'universal', they were not so easy to be resolved in a short time, it was supposed to take its natural time. And of late we realized that time happened to be the only thing we were short of. Her parents had some reservations and I was pretty much into my problems. Now the things were evident, and there was less to be told to each other. Destiny brought a mess to almost all forms of emotions I could ever display. My long aged fears were nearing to a reality and I was so very deprived of the options.

I had odd sixty days left for the finishing line, and my dreams kept pushing me with a long list of tasks. I would not shy to say that my college had now emerged as the last resort where I could still hold time. I had no regrets or second thoughts about my inclination towards her now. Probably this was the only period in five years where I didn't want her ears to listen a 'no'. Nidhi was never demanding, and I have always found her different in this aspect. She will never ask for big things, gifts amongst sundries and will try to find million dollar smiles within the small things. She may miss to get angry on the biggest mistakes, but would get annoyed for the slightest ignorance.

The middle of final semester proved lucky for the previous result, I was comfortably a topper now and my strategy to confuse the examiners somewhere paid off. The campus scenario wasn't good , and by now i was sure about my failure to get a campus based job. About three companies had already come and my egg head made me decide to avoid each of them. I was never sure to get a good job, but good vibes from the supports through the credible word of mouth continued to drive me. I have been more confident for a reason that my support system in the form of folks, faculty and family expected me to do wonders.

The finale on one side proved to be tough on the mental stress, nights went crying for finding a solution, but on the side the days were turning attractive, the timings(atleast for now) were perfect for me to learn driving. Thanks to my mum, I could easily get her nod to drive the car on the NH 1.

I knew most of this in first place, but by the end of fifth year, I was a different person. I may not have gone into a relationship, but it was the only thing that bettered me on the humanity index. I would have wanted to stay in the college for the magic to flow, and probably I also wanted to immediately go off and expect destiny to get something big out of me...Irony

Did I rely on the destiny much?

Love, Ankitt
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