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Being there to somewhere.. Life Surprises(8)

They say all humanly things if written by destiny have no certainty to it, they just happen as the stars call for. The world also says that human relations do not come with the expiry date. But for the five years of college , I was fore seeing a paradox, it was not going the masses way.
Yes, with the preparatory leaves setting up their place, the controller of examiner had put a date to every end and beginning , 4th Jun, 20X.

A date :
- to the beginning of unemployment(I was almost sure for this to happen)

- to the initiation of dreams my parents has put in place.( I was desperate to get this initiated, and I knew it was really important)

- to begin taking challenges in the real world(As they say, life is much easier when everything works within the controlled conditions. College is just one of them, everything happens in a simulated way, you are yet to be tested commercially)

- to the end of five years I spent in my college(No wonder, nobody was going away for ever, but with a date in front of you, I was kind of sure that I am not going to see my friends, faculties, foes almost every 24 hours)

- to the end of routine discussions I happened to do with my friends(for sure yes)

- to the end of being acclaimed, popular and distinct atleast amongst few, obvious it would have been a fresh start outside.( You got to start new in a different world)

- and to the end of relationship. (amongst all sundry scenarios that we made , this one appeared to be the conclusion. It was not going to stay for long now, probably , in our minds, the first date to end had to be 4th)

Today, when my thoughts run few miles on the history lane, when I try to reestablish the connections, I realize that my big league blunder was to decide everything my way. I think I never liked anything to be told. Even if I try to , I cannot be perfect in all facets, and taking emotional decision was one of them. Probably, as a result of the same, I continued experimenting with my desires. I may have been wrong about underestimating my dependence to the relationship , I never knew how the things would come to me as, I just decided and that's all.

The finale time(unlike the reality shows) had begun, and before the actual showdown/climax
a company also came to interview us. It was not exactly for the management students, but for the chemistry techno-shots. The placement guy wanted the management students to appear too, as they had some vacancies primarily in HR.

Honestly speaking, I never heard its name ever. It appeared unusual (actually pathetic one to hear in first place) and even website and google didn't hint me much except that it is going to come up with an IPO(Initial public offer, to get listed on the bourses). Unfortunately, not many people turned up, and the ones who did were not pretty excited about the offer. It was too less for an MBA to trigger a run for dream.
I was not pretty keen to appear, even didn't attempt as well. Also, I had the world war running over my phone as I told Nidhi not to appear in the interview and she was furious over few things(the ones she was insecure about).

On my zero degree conviction, just on TPO's request I was told to make myself available for the interview. Since, the mood was no where good, I chose to stay cool with zero expectations around. The guy from the company started his weird presentation, my eye had been a critique, both to the presenter and the hell of the spell errors the presentation had. Come on , how could they give a presentation with distorted communication skills and so many flaws, they were to lure us for a career option. How could they expect us to get excited about the company when they were so dull in first place?

Regardless of the opening disaster , the world war disorder, I attempted, took a dig at the representatives(sorry:(, but some of the questions I asked were really the important ones). At the end of the day, I happened to the only guy they short listed for the day.

I was still unsure if I will ever join them, I had no idea on the company,if ever I will go to their head office for the final round, if they will consider my request to start off with my desirous package than what they publicly announced. I was no big gun to negotiate my terms, but somehow I realized that my CV had some of the extras to at least list my wishes on a paper.


Love, Ankitt
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